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How To Get Your Crush to Return your Calls and Messages?

Girls and boys have different approaches to dealing with a crush. Men tend to get worked up, sometimes going overboard to gain attention. This can be detrimental and usually is when hoping to secure a date. If your crush has finally responded to one or two messages, avoiding certain natural desires is crucial.

Getting your Crush to Return your Calls and Messages

We want to text as often as we can, keeping tabs on a crush. This is annoying for the recipient and blocking you quickly becomes an option. There are some texting tips and etiquette to keep things cultured. Also, men and women respond differently regarding how they behave before they begin dating their crush.

Texting and Responding to Texts

As mentioned earlier texting is trending and has become the preferred mode of communicating for teens, youth, and the elderly too. With that being said, texting can get particularly annoying if etiquette isn’t practiced. When you send multiple texts and have problems waiting for responses, it is a pet peeve. Upon meeting your potential crush on or at a local pub, what follows is paramount.

1. Responding

Maybe you are the lady and the gent happens to be your crush. As he keeps sending texts you may feel inclined to always text back. At times, the texts are extra naughty and are received during working hours. It may require you to put work at bay as you answer texts. This may seem adorable and mind-blowing at first, but it is unhealthy. It is also known as love bombing. Receiving and sending countless love messages from the onset are ill-advised practices. Take time to respond to messages and if necessary, ignore them till the last minute.

2. Mystery

This practice remains true to date. It requires men and women alike to remain somewhat mysterious. For your crush to keep texting or at least respond to messages and calls, try to be mysterious. It doesn’t mean lying or not responding to texts at all. Simply, it is a practice of not revealing much about you at the beginning. Keep things tucked inside of you.

There are some secrets you will never reveal. Also, there are some basic qualities you can reveal later. This mystery approach means texts can be replied to much later and specific topics deferred. When a crush asks a question, keep things under the carpet for a while. They will indeed text back or inquire why you didn’t respond while requesting feedback. It is a cute way of ensuring your crush calls back, without much effort on your part.

3. Be Passive

Don’t send multiple messages unless they are responses. Refrain from sharing too many personal issues. Focus on asking instead, or answering questions. If the focus is on inquiring about their likes and dislikes you are more likely to receive callbacks and responses to texts. This is a surefire way to keep communication lines open.

What to Avoid while Texting a Crush?

Keep religious and political beliefs at bay. Never impose your opinions on others. Avoiding these topics is the best approach to keep communication open. It is likely that your crush will not respond and might even block you once religion and fanaticism become the focus of your messages.

Do not bombard them with calls (missed calls) simply because they are not responding. This is almost guaranteed to have you blacklisted. Keep things civil, even turning off your phone and Wi-Fi connections for a while. It goes back to being mysterious and shows you’re busy and have a life of your own.

Bottom Line

Phone etiquette can help your relationship grow quickly and with less stress. The above-mentioned tips also highlight whether there is potential for a long-term relationship or not. Remember to reveal less and listen more to have a healthier relationship moving forward. 

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