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Your Guide To Playing Games On Your Phone

From physical parlors to online sites and now to mobile phones, the games are pushing every boundary there is and making their games more accessible to millions.If you were thinking that using an Android phone would be a limitation for you to play games conveniently then, you are wrong. 

playing games on mobile

There are millions of Android users, clicking on the "download" and "install" buttons on PlayStore just to have their favorite game on android. 

So as games become available both online and on mobile apps, you can easily pick your preferred mode of play. Whether you gravitate more to the internet version or the mobile version, you will still be enjoying the fun game of poker.

However, if you are relatively new to gaming, you need all the information you can get. You need to know the best gaming technique that will get you to the pro-player level. For this reason, I will be providing a list of resources where you can get accurate information about everything below. 

● Online Tutorials and Guides: 

Information, they say, is key. That is the reason the first place you should go to when looking to learn about games, is websites that contain information. Information like, how to play, rules, strategies, tips for playing different games, guides, and other information. Websites with this information should be your first stop.

● Video Tutorials: 

Nothing beats seeing a practical representation of a verbal tutorial. Watch the gameplay in real-time and as your tutor shows you how the game is played and the common techniques. 

● Communities: 

Seeing other players like you is a motivation like no other. Watching them play, and learning their different techniques, and style of playing is all the motivation you need to start playing. Don't forget to ask questions and understand as much as you can. 

Tips on playing games online

● Start with the basic: the best way to learn and understand something new is to start from the beginning. So, if you are new to a game, then you need to start by learning the basic rules, techniques and terminologies.

● Play on a reputable platform: Your private information is sensitive, and you should not trust this on just any site. Ensure that whichever site you choose to play on is reputable and trustworthy. 

● Practice with free games: If you’re playing a game which can cost you, try it for free first, for example, you can play poker for free online and you shouldn't ignore this opportunity as it is crucial to your learning. You can practice on these platforms before going ahead to play on the paid platforms. 

● Watch and learn: Pro gamers have gone from being novices in the game to carefully developing their skills in the game. For you to learn the gameplay practically, you should watch pro players as they battle. Their pattern of playing, strategies, and decisions can inspire you and give you insight into how to be better at the game. 

● Manage your money: Truly, staking money and standing the chance of winning big can be enticing but can also turn addictive quickly. You do not want to go bankrupt while staking on a game. Manage your money properly, stake responsibly, and never stake an amount you are not willing to lose. It is a game of luck and nothing is certain. 

● Start at a lower stake: you can bid different amounts to win different amounts so do not go all in staking a high amount in your first few games. Start by staking small amounts while you study the game and how the betting goes. As you become better at the game, you can start staking more. 

● Be patient: learning anything takes time and practice. You need to be patient with yourself. Be ready to fail at some point as this comes with learning but with more practice, you will be on your way to becoming a pro player in no time. 


Gaming is fun and millions of people have been doing it via their phone for years. The availability of games on mobile phones has transformed engagement. The record of players is at an all-time high. Gaming comes with ease and readily accessible to anyone at their convenience. Whether you are a new player or a pro, mobile gaming offers you a platform to play and enjoy a dynamic game.

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