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Unity 2D/3D Platform : Facts and Ways to Boost to your Business Incredibly

 Unity has found a place in multiple industries, including gaming and manufacturing, as an effective development platform. You can use the Unity platform to create video games, product configurations, cinematics, and more. The rendering engine is equipped with all the necessary tools for 2D and 3D game development in one single space. If you are wondering how the platform can help you generate revenue, you won’t regret reading through the lines.

Unity 2D/3D Platform

The Role or Gaming Engines in E-commerce Development

Game engines like Unity and Unreal have transformed video game development and have brought several advancements in the field. But these platforms have found its usage beyond the game development industry. Several enterprises are using similar technologies to develop interactive 3D models, digital showrooms, and improved brand experiences to capture attention and increase demand. 

With a positive compound annual growth rate of game engines in the market, Unity is expected to be valued at $6 billion. Smaller developers are succeeding at streamlining the game development process with third-party plug-ins and user-friendly tools. For instance, several enterprises are using the VRTK plug-in to easily implement natural interactions without using code. 

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce websites to use Unreal for designing and powering VR and AR applications. It has led to the development of Thread Studio, a tool enabling shoppers to visualize how a dress would look and fit. It improves customer experience and also benefits sellers by cutting down on the return ratio. 

Apparel shopping is just the tip of the icebergs as photo-realistic 3D streaming has countless applications. Several automobile companies are using gaming engines to create customer experiences that can increase sales through online real-time 3D visualization.  Let us dive into some tips related to using Unity 3D for boosting your business. 

1. Get Rid of As Many Overlapping Pixels As Possible

Any 2D game developer using the Unity platform needs to follow this tip. You must always try to minimize the number of passes to make the final color appear on the screen. As long as the pixels are semi-transparent, you will have to look at every overlapping pixel before determining the final color. When you are not using a powerful device, or you need high frame rates, overdrawing overlapping pixels will hamper GPU performance. 

Unity always overdraws pixels inside your Sprite Mask. But the complete area gets overdrawn due to full rectification. However, setting the Mesh Type to Tight the area will reduce the overdraw. Merging overlapping static Sprites will also minimize overdrawing and provide players with better graphics. 

2. Leverage AR for Guided Maintenance and Repair

Unity3D game development can rely upon augmented reality via Unity to develop a remote maintenance solution. Maintenance is a crucial part of the product life cycle, and it is only becoming more challenging due to the complexity of products. A remote repair and maintenance assistant will offer specialized expertise from anywhere, anytime. 

A digital maintenance solution using Unity will enable organizations to easily troubleshoot product issues. The ease of connecting with experts will lead to faster diagnosis and solutions. With decreased downtime, the time and money saved for maintenance will go higher.

3. Utilize the Visual Scripting Feature

The visual scripting feature on the Unity platform plays a huge role in reducing the time required in the prototyping stage of development. Understanding this feature and using it at one of the most crucial stages of development. Game designers will be able to test various mechanics using this feature without developing any misunderstanding with the developers. 

Before the video scripting feature was launched, game designers had to describe the mechanics inside a document for developers. After that, developers used to determine which mechanic would be the best. The visual scripting feature enables designers to directly test the mechanics and pick the best ones. It will ensure that the game design and development process becomes faster and players will also come across the best mechanics while playing the games. 

4. Focus on Building a 3D Virtual Sales and Marketing Tool

Are you trying to figure out engaging ways to enable customers to view and configure products? The Unity platform will help you fulfill or even go beyond the expectations of your customers. Even if you are selling complex products, the 2D/3D platform will help you generate 3D product images and configurable models inside a virtual space. 

Companies are empowering customers with a virtual experience and providing them with more exploration opportunities. Organizations are able to validate designs with practical renderings. Due to the presence of a new engagement channel, organizations are able to develop an effective tool for sales and marketing. Nothing enables companies to boost business other than an effective approach toward sales and marketing. 

5. Use the Environment System

While working on the same terrain of a particular terrain asset, a lot of conflicts used to emerge. Therefore, it wasn’t possible to work with a big team on Unity3D. But the environment system feature solved this issue. 

The feature enables teams to work following the old-school layer-fashioned style. As several artists can now work on the same terrain at the same time, a lot of time and money can be saved. It also ensures that you are able to form big teams to produce new content at a faster pace. 

6. Develop Digital Twins for R&D and IoT Product Testing

When you make a visual representation of any physical product, system, or process, it is called a digital twin. The digital twin also mirrors the characteristics and behavior of the real-world object on which it is based. Digital twins are valuable tools containing data for multiple purposes like asset performance optimization and product monitoring. 

A connected digital solution enables organizations to leverage real-time data using machine learning, simulation, and more to enhance the accuracy and speed of decision-making. Moreover, a digital twin also ensures that physical products that are expensive or dangerous are not necessary for testing. Unity enables organizations to use digital twin solutions for the following purposes:

● Planning and optimization

● Designing and developing

● Operating and monitoring

● Training and guidance

These solutions support better research and development opportunities. Improved efficiencies and better decision-making across the product lifecycle. 

7. Gamification

Incorporating gamification in business strategies can benefit organizations in more ways than they can imagine. It enables businesses to promote their brands through a mobile experience, which can also be a mobile game. Several organizations also choose to gamify their online presence by offering unlockables and digital rewards as a marketing strategy for existing customers. 

Since Unity is one of the largest gaming engines, you can expect high flexibility, outstanding performance, and brilliant graphic capabilities from it. Implementing gamification into products and services using proper expertise will help generate more revenue. It will ensure that customers find new ways to interact with your products. 


Unity has the potential to simplify the development process and boost revenue. Choose a Unity3D game developer or app developer who can help you maintain and implement innovative solutions using the platform. 

Juego Studios will always come to the rescue of organizations looking for app or game development experience using Unity and other solutions. We have been fortunate enough to work with different technology ventures, enterprises, and brands. Our gaming studio has a client base that includes startups, small and medium businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies inside and outside the country. Our collaborative approach and cross-functional teams ensure that we are able to offer satisfactory outcomes to clients within the specified deadline while maintaining both cost and quality. 

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