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Great Side Hustle Ideas for Making Extra Income

It has become common for people to have side jobs in order to make extra money. Some people do this to raise money for a specific goal such as buying a house, while others hope to make their side job into a full-time business eventually.

Ideas for making extra income

Financing a Side Job

Like any business, side jobs sometimes take a small investment in order to get started. While these jobs usually don't take large investments such as a more extensive business, they can still require some capital. If you don't have a way to fund these businesses consider taking out a small loan. Many side hustles are funded through personal loans or small business loans but also consider funding your business with a decentralized finance loan. You can learn more about decentralized finance through a distributed defi conference or other online sources.


App-Based Gigs

App-based gigs are becoming a very popular way for people to make extra money without having to invest in equipment or spend money on advertising. App-based gigs such as delivering food, grocery shopping, providing a taxi service, or dog walking provide you with customers, insurance, and advertising. All you have to do is show up and work. Like many side gig jobs, these app-based job opportunities work best for those who live in urban or suburban areas where there are more people using the service. In more rural areas the long driving distances may eat away at your income and make the cake jobs less lucrative.


Seasonal Lawn Work

Providing lawn work and landscaping can be a good way to get a little extra money or it can become a full-time job. Lawn care can be limited to mowing and trimming or it can involve other landscaping tasks such as designing and planting flower beds. Since lawn work and landscaping tend to be seasonal jobs, ending with the arrival of cold weather, consider adding supplemental work in the winter such as holiday decorating.


Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating can be a fun side hustle for anyone who enjoys being outside and who's excited about the holidays. Holiday decorating such as stringing lights, setting up inflatables, and adding decorations to trees can be a great way to make some money while helping those who cannot decorate for themselves or who just don't want to. This is a great way to provide seasonal income during the winter for those whose main job or side gig is only available in the summer. While there are many jobs only available in the summer, fall and winter months are lacking in work in many occupations.


Dog Walking

In some areas, dog walking can be a well-paying business. You'll have to live where there are enough customers to provide you with an effective workload without having to travel too far between jobs. Many dog walkers live in urban areas where they can walk from house to house gathering clients’ pets,  and then walk many dogs at once. 


Investing in Vending Machines

If you have a little cash to spare investing in vending machines can be a great way to make passive income. You'll have to have a good understanding of the traffic patterns and people in specific areas of your town to help you find the best locations for these machines. You will also have to find the machines themselves and purchase them, as well as purchase the items to go inside of them and keep them well stocked. 

Like most passive income this is of course not truly passive because you will have to spend several hours a week maintaining the machines, but they will be making money for you while you do other things. If you can find a good location for your machines and make sure that you keep your expenses low this can be a good way to supplement your income.



Housekeeping can be a great side job for someone who is efficient, detailed, and organized. Many housekeepers work for housekeeping companies, but others work for themselves in their spare time or as their only job. Like many startup businesses, the most difficult part of beginning a housekeeping job will probably be advertising. Once you have gotten a few happy customers word of mouth can help bring you more.


Child or Elderly Sitting

Babysitting or elderly sitting can be a good way to supplement your income especially if your main job has unusual hours. Many families need babysitters during times when daycare isn't open or outside of school hours. If you are home in the afternoon, consider offering after-school care in your home. School often gets out 2 to 3 hours before parents are home from work. If you opened your home for after-school care in the evenings you could offer a service that many parents have a hard time finding. Since it's for a short time you could offer this for more children than you could if you were babysitting full-time. If you are good at teaching or tutoring, you could provide extra services in those areas or help kids finish all of their homework so they don't have to do any once they arrive home.

Another creative option is offering overnight care for caretakers who do shift work such as police officers, factory workers, doctors, and nurses. Offering overnight care can be one of the easiest jobs you might have and it would allow you to work normal hours in your full-time job if necessary. When offering overnight care you will have to have bedrooms and proper beds for the children and you will usually be providing supper or breakfast and getting the children ready for an early morning pick up or the school bus.



If you are good at teaching, have education experience, or understand a subject well, consider becoming a tutor. Tutors can work either in-person or online and don't necessarily have to have a college education in order to be effective. Some tutors work with elementary-age children practicing things like sight words and basic math concepts that they learned in school. Other tutors work with older children on difficult topics such as high school math and science. For these topics, you may need to have a better education or at least have recently taken the class yourself but in many cases, any adult who enjoys working with children and has an excellent understanding of the topic can become an effective tutor because it's the one-on-one time and explanation that many children need.


Pooper Scooper

While this might sound like it disgusting job it can be great for anyone who enjoys working outside or who needs to work a side hustle without set hours. A pooper scooper simply visits their clients’ homes once a week or as needed to keep their yard poop free. This is also a great second job for anyone with seasonal work. Like several of the other jobs on this list, advertising and building an effective customer base may be the most difficult part of starting this business as minimal equipment and education are required to clean yards.



Proofreading can be a good job for anyone who's detailed and pays attention when they are reading. Proofreading is different from editing and you don't have to have a perfect understanding if grammatical constructs in order to be a proofreader. You do need to have a basic understanding of grammar and spelling and be able to read quickly while paying very close attention to small details. Many proofreaders work remotely online so this is a good job for people who live in rural areas or areas where the other side jobs on this list may not be effective or available.

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