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A Guide to Custom Healthcare Software Development

 Digital technology in the healthcare industry has experienced immense transformation, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. As observed during the pandemic, healthcare software advancements can save millions of lives by simplifying complex processes and management. 

Healthcare Software Development

Many healthcare businesses need specific software solutions to adequately deliver services to their clients.Custom healthcare software development produces applications designed to meet the particular needs and requirements of these companies and users.

What Is Custom Software Development?

The process of designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software to meet the requirements of specific organizational functions and users is known as custom software development. The process follows the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) as off-the-shelf software but centers on narrowly defined specifications for a specific set of users. On the other hand, off-the-shelf software focuses on general business needs.

What are the Benefits of Custom Healthcare Software Development?

Customized software enables healthcare businesses to provide unique applications to their customers. While much off-the-shelf software includes APIs for customization, nothing beats tailored solutions. Here's why:

1.Unique Solutions owned by your Business

One primary reason for developing custom software is that your business will own the solution. Your company can operate the software functions, development methodologies, data, etc. Moreover, customized software allows businesses to make changes whenever they want, implement feedback, and add important information when needed.

2.Personalized Solution

Every software user wants to feel a personal interaction with a company. An organization's personalized solutions add value to the company-customer relationship. Eventually, it leads to customer loyalty and increased customer retention.


Most off-the-shelf software uses open-source code and is easy to hack. Professional hackers already know the vulnerabilities of such solutions. On the other hand, custom-developed solutions are closed-source projects. Meaning they can only be accessed by your team, reducing the chances of intrusion.

4.Customer Satisfaction

According to McKinsey statistics, about 71% of application users expect companies to provide personalized software, and approximately 76% get irritated when they don't get a customized user experience. Because of the significant impacts of personalized user experience, custom software development is crucial for customer satisfaction.

5.Flexibility and Scalability

With customized software, organizations can make changes anytime to the software, depending on the business need. Because of continuously growing business needs, scalability should be essential in your initial project scope. And custom solutions allow for adding scalability features. Off-the-shelf solutions cannot be changed at will. And if you manipulate it, you'll likely infringe your license agreement with your software providers.

Top Benefits of U.S. Businesses Working with Nearshore Software Development Companies

Nearshore outsourcing means hiring software development to software development companies located in close geographical proximity to your county. For companies in the United States, nearshore outsourcing typically means delegating software development tasks to developers in Latin America and North America.

1.Cost Saving

Working with nearshore companies saves companies in two ways: First, the rates for nearshore companies tend to be significantly lower than hiring in-house programmers from the U.S.

Second, nearshoring allows access to less costly programming talent with similar or extended skills and experience as programmers in the United States.

2.Quick Access to Highly Qualified Developers

Nearshore technology talent boasts the same technical skills as developers in the United States. Partnering with nearshore I.T. companies allows you to access highly qualified professionals as quickly as possible.

3.Physical and Time-zone aligned proximity

Nearshore countries have aligned time zones with the U.S., allowing programmers to work, communicate and collaborate with U.S. companies. Also, because off-shore software solution providers are close to their contracting companies, in-person meetings can easily be arranged.

4.Integration with Business

While some companies already have an in-house development team, they may still need essential tech players or extra talent to work on new projects. A nearshore software development company can assist in application design, development, and quality assurance on an as-needed basis.

As healthcare organizations need to adopt new technologies to stay competitive, they also need to develop personalized software solutions to help them counter today's challenges. Healthcare software development is a massive part of digital transformation. Besides improving the quality of care, it can help increase productivity while reducing costs.


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