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10 Quick Dead Car Battery Tricks To Get You Back On The Road

 Do you have a dead car battery? That is the problem that is relatable to every automobile owner.

But here's the thing: only jumper cables aren't always necessary.

There are several really basic dead vehicle battery methods that can bring your automobile back to life!

 This article will teach you everything there is to know about dead car battery tricks, including what to do when your car battery dies and how to fix these problems correctly.

 Let’s get into it.

Dead Car Battery Tricks

10 Tricks To Start A Car with A Dead Battery

There, we have gathered some battery story and tricks that can assist you in learning how to start a car with a dead battery.

Take a break for a couple minutes.

Inside automotive batteries, electrochemical reactions occur continuously to provide electricity to the vehicle's electrical systems. The battery will occasionally stop carrying out electrochemical processes for a variety of unknown reasons, which will prevent your car from starting.

By leaving the car for a few minutes, the battery will be able to restart electrochemical processes and your automobile will be able to start. The most common mistake that every automobile owner makes is to panic. When your car battery dies, the first thing you should do  is allow the battery some time to recharge.

Utilize A Handheld Jump Starter

Another effective dead vehicle battery hack is to utilize a portable jump starter to jump-start a dead automobile battery.

Your car’s battery might go dead at any time, anyplace; even brand new car batteries can go dead, which is why keeping a portable jump starter in your car is a good idea.

A portable jump starter provides rapid electricity to a dead battery, allowing it to restart.

Trick the car’s computer by Accelerator

The most frequent strategy for starting a dead car battery is to trick the car’s computer by pumping the accelerator.

Many vehicle owners occasionally discover that the car battery is fully OK, but the car refuses to start, but by following a few easy steps, you can trick the car computer into restarting the engine.

The car’s computer now controls every vehicle. That is why, if the auto computer senses a problem, it does not allow the engine to start until the problem is resolved.

In most circumstances, the car computer will not allow the engine to start due to a faulty coolant temperature sensor; this problem occurs when there is too much air in the engine. So, you must recognise the issues.

Apply petroleum jelly to the battery.

You may find it difficult to understand why petroleum jelly would be used on car batteries when it is primarily used on the skin. However, the petroleum jelly includes electrical conductivity, which aids the battery in effectively providing power to the engine. 

Petroleum jelly has the additional benefit of preventing corrosion all year round when applied to the battery terminal. Keeping a car battery from corroding is becoming a serious issue, especially in the winter, when an excessive amount of corrosion causes the car battery to expire gradually. Apply petroleum jelly of any kind to the terminal of your car battery to prevent it from dying

Wash the Corrosion With Soda

When your vehicle's battery dies, you may wonder why your car battery keeps dying, and rust is always one of the probable causes.

But with a bottle of Coke, Pepsi, or any other soda, may remove rust from your car's battery terminal.  Therefore, corrosion is the most prevalent symptom of a dead car battery. A quick and easy way to fix a dead car battery is to use any fizzy soft drink to clean up the corrosion.

To use a wrench, whack the starter.

The most common indicators of a failed starting motor in a car are grinding noises and starter cranks. To restore the starting operation, hit the starter motor with a wrench or hammer from your automobile.

Make use of the Emergency Trunk Access feature.

When your car's battery dies, you must open the trunk to discover anything that will allow you to restart the engine. Every car's vital tools, from jumper cables to wrenches, are kept in the trunk. That is why, when your car's battery fails, you must open the trunk. Most new automobiles include a function called "Emergency Trunk Access," which allows you to access your car trunk even if your car battery is dead.

Using this function in the automobile, you can open the trunk even if the battery is entirely dead, and you don't need to use the key to do so. Therefore, use the Emergency Trunk Access option to open the trunk when the battery is dead.

Contact Your Local Auto Repair Shop

When you've exhausted all of your options for starting your car with a dead battery and still can't get it to start, it's time to call a professional.

Getting automobile service in the middle of nowhere is also available nowadays. Roadside assistance is incredibly popular and also quite easy to obtain.

What signs point to a dead car battery?

The car battery provides you with several clues that it is dying or going flat. As a result, it's critical to understand the signs of a dead car battery. 

There we’ve listed some signs to get an accurate understanding.

● Check that the engine light is switched on.If it remains on, don't forget to check your car battery.

● Another typical dead car battery symptom is a swollen battery size. When the alternator is overcharged, the battery swells, causing it to die altogether.

● When the automobile battery is dying, the headlights will constantly dim.

● A battery powers the starter, allowing it to start the engine. However, when the car battery is dead, it already lacks power, which is why the car would start and then die instantly.

● The most frequent sign of a dead car battery is excessive corrosion on the battery terminal. Corrosion prevents the battery from supplying electrical energy to the vehicle's electrical components.

● When a car battery leaks acid, it emits a distinct odor, which indicates that the battery is about to fail. 

Final words,

Make sure you are aware of dead car battery warning signs so that you can fix or replace the dead vehicle battery before you go into difficulty.

I always advise contacting a professional if a new car owner has no experience dealing with a dead car battery.

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