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What is Agile Scrum Master Certification?

 ASM certification educates them on numerous strategies and approaches utilized in the Agile methodologies to enable project managers to produce the product as specified by the client. The certification attests to the individual's familiarity with the Agile and Scrum techniques. The content of the ASM course is reduced to make learning and understanding the concept more accessible for you, and numerous industry leaders teach it from across the world in project management.

Scrum Master Certification

Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the prominent certification exam. Over time, ASM certification has become an in-demand accreditation across global organizations. The current state of the industry requires you to sharpen your project management abilities to keep up with the world's expanding wants, and an accredited ASM certification course makes it simpler for you to gain acknowledgment for your powers. So, if you are thinking about what precisely this certification means, you have gathered at the best place.

Below is a complete repository to get all the Agile Scrum master certification details. So, without further ado, let's dive into the article to better know the popular Agile Scrum master certification.

What exactly is the Agile Scrum Master certification?

EXIN offers certification as an Agile Scrum Master. It combines methods, Scrum techniques, and real-world assignments. Agile Scrum Master Certification seeks to verify the capacity to enable cross-functional teams through applying Agile techniques and SCRUM practices. A highly cross-functional team's capability to operate as a facilitator, coach, and enabler is tested in the exam, along with knowledge and abilities of the Agile techniques and Scrum framework.

Agile Scrum Master certification is a well-known service provided by EXIN. The ASM certification consists of practical tasks, methodologies, and Scrum practices focused on a particular topic. Agile techniques and Scrum principles will be practically leveraged through the ASM certification. Your ability to lead cross-functional teams is thus put to the test.

The ASM exam is the most effective technique to evaluate knowledge and skills of agile methodologies and the Scrum framework. It also considers a person's capacity to coach, facilitate, and support a highly interdisciplinary team.

The Agile Scrum Master Certification certified professionals who have mastered both the Agile and Scrum techniques. Agile techniques are approaches to software development that are being utilized more often across numerous industries. In contrast, Scrum Methodologies call for creating self-managed, cross-functional teams that generate usable deliverables at the project's conclusion. Therefore, having an ASM certification enhances your résumé and advances your career.

Who should take the Agile Scrum Master certification course?

● Project Managers

● Team Leaders

●Developers, Scrum masters, and product owners are examples of Scrum team members.

● Managers of Scrum teams

● Teams transitioning to Scrum

● Those in the industry who wanted to become Scrum Masters

The main objectives of this course are

● Applying Scrum terminology to cross-functional teams

●Facilitating user stories, sprint reviews, sprint planning, and daily scrums

● Agile artifacts (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Definition of Done)

● Geographically dispersed teams using Scrum

Subject Areas of ASM

There are five topics that make up the Agile Scrum Master certification exam. Before diving more profoundly, knowing the subject areas of ASM will help you study better. So, let's have a look!

1. Agile Thinking Mindset

The subject area's percentage is 10, and the list of topics that fall under it, together with the rate they make up, is below.

Agile concepts (5%)

● Continuous process improvements (2.5%)

● Other agile frameworks (2.5%).

1. Scrum Master Role

Below are the specifics of the topics, with the percentage of this section in the paper being 27.5. The market trends for Scrum Master positions may also be of interest to you.

● Responsibilities and commitment (10%)

● Coaching the team and mediating (10%)

● Other roles comprise product owner and development team (7.5%).

1. Agile Estimating, Monitoring, Planning, and Control

Currently, this subject's exam percentage is 32.5 percent. The percentage of topics covered in this region of the exam is listed below.

● Creating and updating the sprint and product backlog (7.5%)

● Agile estimation (10%)

● Agile planning (5%)

● Tracking and communicating progress (7.5%)

● Staying in control (2.5%).

1. Complex Projects

This subject area has a 12.5% weight in the exam. The percentage of subjects from this subject area covered in the exam is listed below.

● Scaling agile projects (5%)

● Agile's suitability for various project types (5%)

● Agile management of tool integration and tooling (2.5%).

1. Adopting Agile

Below are the specifics of the topics' percentages regarding adopting agile, making up about 17.5% of the questions in the exam.

● Introducing agile (7.5%)

● Self-organization (5%)

● Agile requirement and proper environment (5%).

ASM Exam Format

Now that you know about the ASM exam subject areas, it's time to get deeper into the format. The format of the Agile Scrum Master certification exam is discussed right here. You can find all the certification exam information right below.

● The exam lasts one hour and thirty minutes.

● There are 40 questions in total that you must answer throughout this period. There will be 40 multiple-choice questions in total.

● The passing rate is 65 percent.

● This test is not open-book.

● Before taking the exam, you must complete an EXIN-recognized agile Scrum master training course.

ASM Certification Cost & Registration

You must pay a cost if you wish to sit for the ASM certification exam. Each try for the ASM certification costs $240. You can also look at the job path for a scrum master.

After knowing the certification cost, you might be intrigued to see the registration process in detail. Therefore, the steps for signing up for the ASM exam are as follows.

● Here is the exam registration page link, where you must first go.

● You must look for the EXIN ASM certification exam there.

● Then all you have to do is register for the exam.

Wrapping Up!

The growth of agile and Scrum is unprojected. It's the best time to upgrade your knowledge according to the Agile and Scrum methodologies to become capable of helping various businesses and get an excellent job. So, choose an educational platform like Simplilearn online bootcamp, prepare for the exam, and become a certified Agile Scrum master.

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