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How To Create a Fitness App

 The desire to feel well and look amazing pushes people to search for ways to incorporate sport, physical activity and proper nutrition in their everyday routine. Those who have excessive weight dream to find a magic tool that can turn capybara into a panther. Others count to discover the method which lets them have ten times more energy than they get used to having. And this is not as simple as changing regular batteries on Duracell. But regardless of the purpose anyone is interested in a «digital helper» that can be a good adviser, source of social support and an effective incentive to move forward the goals. 


Fitness App

All these features can be joined under the hood of a fitness app. And if you feel truly interested in the issue, and there are some bright ideas in your head related to the problem, you should be asking Google a question like how to create a fitness app.  You are lucky as the Purrweb team described the challenges, obstacles and new opportunities that can be expected in this journey. So, if you're intending to bring ideas to life and create a fitness app, their professional tips will become an actionable guidance for your startup. From «How to start?» to «Which monetization strategy to choose?» - it covers a wide range of questions devoted to fitness app development. 

Which tasks fitness app solves

Focus on the goals which your product will solve: to form new habits, achieve better results, lose weight etc. This will determine the features to be expected in the app.

Planning features

If your app is targeted to form healthy nutrition habits, the user should be able to set graduated goals. For example, he needs to reduce step by step the amount of calories in his meals. The app must give the opportunity to schedule the adaptation plan in a way that lets the user control the compliance of restrictions. As for workout fitness apps, you can provide the user with the feature that keeps his plan to make definite training regularly or to increase duration or complexity of physical exercises. 

Activity trackers and nutrition trackers

To inspire users to follow their plans, add a progress tracker to the functionality, when you're planning to create a fitness app. «It's a big day!», thinks the user when he achieves the goals that he set in the app in advance. This is one of the core values that pushes people to keep forward and motivates to use the app again and again. For sport-focused apps it can be a planner with time and amount of exercises. 

For diet-focused apps in this role can be helpful food diaries that let users make notes about food they have consumed. 

Regardless of the app specific, the milestones in the form of kilometers, calories and other countable measures will serve as a guiding thread to the fitness newbies. 

To ease life to those who are struggling to keep a healthy diet, you can include a calorie counter in the app. This feature will be also helpful for those who try to burn calories as well. 


How To Create a Fitness App

Push notifications

If you want through the app to help people correct their lifestyle and keep discipline, add 

push notifications. These magic kicks can force users to start jogging or keep a diet. It shouldn't be too annoying, but it should be tailored skillfully to impact the user. The better the app motivates the user not to skip his scheduled training or not to avoid diet restrictions through its reminders, the better its productivity and efficiency can be assessed. 


No one dreams of wasting time searching for desirable information. This obligates you to consider a convenient selecting bar where a person can find any exercise, explanation or overview of mistakes in accordance with his request, if we're talking about sport-focused apps. As for nutrition related apps, it can classify recipes by nutrients, calories, cost of ingredients and so on. Food data tables help customers to plan everyday menus virtuously. In case you're working on the plan to create a fitness app related to nutrition, the rich library of healthy food recipes can become an attraction. Think over the filters in order to let customers navigate information comfortably. The more detailed they are, the faster is navigation.


Planning to create a fitness app, consider cooperation with experts in nutrition, psychology and sports. Cute when the app has a plethora of pre-recorded lessons. But sometimes it can be critical for the user to have access to the highly qualified specialists. People can be puzzled with the question of how to adopt a regular training system if there are some health restrictions caused by individual reasons (traumas, for example). In this case a personalized help will be an in-demand option. To create a fitness app with a high level of customization, take in account the opportunity to have an online mentor. Participation of qualified sportsmen will contribute much in your brand and let people feel in trustworthy hands. 

Chat and gamification

The opportunity to share aims and results with like-minded people is worth much. It's a solid incentive on the path to self-challenges and achieving the goals. Targeting to create a fitness app that meets this people's need, think of the opportunities to talk to each other (chat), to set common goals and track them (activity board) and share results publicly and get awards (gamification). All these features are influential for efficiency of the app and its popularity. 

Compatibility with smartwatches

For many fitness lovers it's essential to pick an app that smoothly communicates with their smart devices like smartwatches. Starting to create a fitness app, bear in mind this attraction.

What determines fitness app success

So many users' expectations, so many requirements! If you're just planning to start your first business, the idea to create a fitness app can feel a bit overwhelming. But in practice it's only a delusion. When you get in touch with professionals, the business route becomes simple and clear. 

First, you should be able to put on your potential users shoes and see which problems and how can be solved through the app. To pack this idea into a shiny wrapper and cook a delicious «dessert» isn't your task. As you know exactly what you want and why it will be in-demand, the question «how?» will be answered by the development team. 

For example, the Purrweb team can convert any idea into an app in just three months! 

Subtly balancing between the features that users get used to and some trendy shticks, the UI/UX designers conjure to create a fitness app that looks intricately, and its navigation is perceived effortlessly. Since user experience determines whether the fitness lover leaves an app on his device or deletes it, the investment in this kind of work is sensitively rewarding. Purrweb guys have designed hundreds of products and they certainly know how to transfer your idea values to clients.


How to avoid troubles while developing an app

To prevent you from finding out fitness app development the hard way, we'd like to shed light on the difficulties you can face in the process in advance. 

1. Splitting between platforms

There are two major systems you have to make your product accessible for: iOS and Android. Even big enterprises finally decide that native development and maintenance is slow and tangibly costly. The exit from this trap is starting cross-platform development that enables the IT team to deliver your product that fits for all devices approximately 25% faster and, respectively, significantly cheaper. For example, the Purrweb team offers to create a fitness app with React Native - a top notch technology that guarantees a cute user experience due to high performance and close to native interface perception. 

2. Overloaded menu

We understand your desire to incorporate as many features as possible in the app in order to deliver more value to customers. But at the first stage it's reasonable to focus on the most significant ones. The better less but with desirable quality. You can add features gradually basing your solutions on real feedback. That's a wise way to create a fitness app that meets real users' needs, not imaginable. You can even start with MVP: the type of application that contains only vitally essential features.


3. Weak UI and UX architecture

When someone uploads your app, he won't be glad to google for guidance that explains how the app works. If the features are organized in a way that stimulates people to ask for help in order to find definite settings or change some information, it says that the structure of the app was designed poorly. For example, at Purrweb every step is tested with real users. Only practice-tested solutions are being implemented into the product. Great experience, sharp sense of humor, innate marketing skills let the team create apps that exceed customers expectations. 

4. Personal data security

Since the app is dealing with sensitive data, it's critical to build it with compliance to all the requirements of security. There are several ways to make the app safe for using. For example, one of the widespread vulnerabilities concerned the authorization process. Purrweb experts recommend two-factor authentication to keep users' profiles secure. 

As you could see, there are an array of challenges on the way to create a worthwhile fitness app. But when you're dealing with experienced specialists who feel in the market like a duck to water, you have better chances to create a fitness app which will be loved by users. Selecting a contractor, put on the hat of researcher and find out whether the team has a proven track of recognized works. For example, Purrweb is proud of 5-stars reviews on world famous business sites and a cute portfolio on Dribble and Behance. The recognition of the professional community and customers evidences a high fidelity work of specialists. Planning to create a fitness app, discuss the details of the project with experts, and you'll see that your purpose is closer than you initially thought.

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