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Should You Consider a Content Marketing Platform for Your Business?

Watching Hollywood depict your corporate domain on the big screen may seem magical, especially if minimal download speeds are the least of your concerns. But there’s more to it. 

Content Marketing Platform

Whether you want to watch such movies on your smartphone or watch on the newly-installed flat screen in your bedroom, be assured that with service as efficient as the Hawaiian Telcom bundle package, your favorite movie will completely refresh your mind! 

After all, there is practically nothing more exciting than watching sophisticated story lineson professionals of interest, like you. However, not all movies put that fresh spin on the professional side of you. And simply present important anecdotes on life, work, creativity, and reality among innumerable other areas. Movies like The LEGO Movie, for instance.

Released in 2014, this is a great watch for marketers as it pitches promotes the idea that e message – creativity doesn’t just have to be all about fun, one can color life lessons for the ordinary viewer as well. That doesn’t means that marketers should not only concentrate on vibrant packages. The content needs to hold its ground as well. Nothing complicated, so to say. And that’s where content marketing comes in handy.

Content Marketing – Another Overused Buzzword or Not?

Although it’s usually taken as just another buzzword for trendsetters in the industry and thrown around like confetti, content marketing done right, can create quite a stir in the industry.While big brands have ample resources to make the most of conventional marketing procedures techniques, smaller brands or the newer ones, who have just entered the market need to use their creativity to come at par with the giants to dominate the corporate landscape.That’s where content marketing platforms come in handy for as they present a plethora of choices, which can take the brand to the next level.

On a side note, the idea is to never stop learning, even if it comes from unconventional sources like the movies. In that case, simply contact your local cable TV provider to get the most out of your TV service! Here are some top options that can , which help to manage relative marketing processes while driving the brand forward:


Joomag is acclaimed to be one of the best digital publishing platforms.  for Iit offers a wide range of options, which ensure that your small business can deliver sophisticated publishing solutions to various industries. From business communications to sales and marketing, Joomag handles it all!

While it may seem like a tall order, Joomag makes sure that businesses all over,have the right resources to create digital publications seamlessly. Be it online magazines, e-Books, reports, and corporate material among other related marketing collateral, with this digital publishing tool, businesses can engage their target audiences to make the most out of this interactive platform.

What’s more, it optimally integrates data tracking, content creation with distribution, and several options for effective monetization. Although it was established back in 2009, the popularity of this platform has surged. And has gathered positive reviews along with countless accolades, whilst it entered and expanded into international markets.

Ion Interactive

Another platform that continues to make a strong ripple in the content industry is ion interactive. This content platform aims to produce and innovate data-propelled expertise without the need for traditional I.T.-based resources or even code. The content marketing platform comes with a cloud feature, which tends to ensures that the digital user launches are easy and quick to start.

The best part is that the platform comes with a variety of templates such as white papers, e-Books, and product mockups. What’s more, these content presets can easily be launched within a short period and do not require any sort of prior skills or additional training on the part of the user. The interactive creation suite consists of a diverse range of design tools and is no less than impressive. This further comprises countless sets of animations and transitions, related videos, and responsive design control(s).

With Ion Interactive, digital consumers also get CRM access that includes straightforward analytics’ features, and A/B/n tests functionality among plenty of others.


Uberflip is as savvy as its name! A top-notch cloud-based platform that’s a current favorite for content marketers everywhere.With Uberflip, everybody from businesses to large corporations can easily develop, manage, and even optimize every stage of their content experience. But that’s not all.

The digital platform ensures that all curated content can be tailored according to the diverse range of buyer personas that are popular in the industry. What’s more, Uberflip presents a combined experience, which allows digital marketers to effectively manage marketing collateral as they see fit.

The Bottom Line

So how does one find a winner among so many options in the market? While Some of the listed options are at the top of their game. B and thus, guarantee immediate results but ultimately, it depends on the size of the business, the target audience, and the marketing budget, reserved for the respective domain.Although brands should always consider a marketing framework, which empowers the in-house team and even the outsourced ones, the aim is to establish an ecosystem that thrives long-term.

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