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How to choose a domain name

 In this era of modern technology, everything is going online. Every company, every business, big or small wants its online presence. But to have a great presence on the internet, a website or blog has to be made, which requires a good domain name. Hence domain becomes a very important and integral part of all the business. 

How to choose a domain name

Depending upon the quality of the domain, the online presence of a business can flourish or diminish. So, some protocols and rules are needed to be considered while choosing a good domain name. These are: -

1- Choosing the right Top-level domain

It is one of the crucial points to be followed and addressed. Top-level domains are the part of the domain that comes after the domain's name. They are generally .com, .org, .edu, .ac and country-specific. It depends on the organization or business what top-level domain suits them the best. For example, .com is used for commercial websites, .org is used for organizations that may be for non-profit, and .edu for educational institutions. But it depends on your choice, what top-level domain you choose. Most prefer still prefer the old school .com

2- Avoid long names

It is very common to use short names in domains. The longer the name, the less-visited the website is. Always remember to choose a short and crunchy name. It will be easier for you to do advertisements and branding as well. A long domain name is also ranked badly by the search engines. Users also sees a website suspicious if the website has a too long name.

3- Bold, Unique, and Professional

The domain name should be bold, unique, and professional so that your audience can easily distinguish it from other websites. If you keep your domain name similar to a popular website name, your audience will think of you as a copycat. This will set an incompetent attitude of your website in their mind. Always remember not to use SMS language in your website name. Be it Professional and diligent. 

4- Your Domain name should be easy to remember and pronounce

Don't make your own website domain name so complex and full of difficult words that people have to take a sip of water to speak it. Your domain name should be easy to remember and pronounce because your audience will only advertise and share your website with their friends and family. So your website will only flourish if and only if the name of your domain is quite easy, unique, and simple. Word of mouth is still a thing, and it matters a lot in the advertisement of a website.

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5- Avoid symbols 

One should avoid using symbols in domain names because it makes the website difficult to type and remember. People want a simple name. Suppose someone only remembered your domain name, and he typed that in the address bar, but nothing opened as he forgot to type the symbol in between. You have now lost a potential part of the audience. Some people think that if they use numbers or symbols on their website, they will stand out. But this is wrong because people are not going to invest their time in remembering your website. They will just go to another website.

6- Don't use double letters on the website

You are always recommended not to use double letters in your domain name because that makes your website name difficult to remember and type. Pronunciation of the name also becomes a problem. So overall, if you take a domain name with double letters or fancy words, your audience will surely move to another website.

7- Use a more flexible name

Suppose you made a website that focuses on calligraphy and you chose a domain name like Now you have restricted yourself only to the audience of calligraphy. You also have plans to explore photography, singing, etc. as well in the future. But due to your domain name, it is not possible. So always choose a flexible name like, etc. Your prospects may also be fulfilled. 

8- Research properly about the domain

Sometimes you come with a domain name fulfilling all the requirements of a good domain, but in the end, you find that that domain name is already registered. You now become disappointed. All your hard work becomes zero and disvalued. It is also seen that sometimes the domain name is available, but it is a trademark word. So always do exhaustive research while choosing a domain name to come up with a brilliant domain name available for you. If you cannot get the exact name you want, go with the closet name.

9- A Secure Hosting Site

All the website statistics depend upon which hosting site you are using. If the hosting site's server is very slow, then your audience flow will decrease drastically. Hence, it is crucial for your business to wisely choose a hosting site. Ultra hosting service is one of the most popular sites that give ultra-high-speed servers for better hosting facilities and state-of-the-art, technologically advanced hosting services. Ultra hosting service is affordable and reliable as well. So better prefer it from similar time-consuming, difficult to understand, and complex hosting services.

10- Keep Multiple Similar Domains

It is advisable to keep multiple similar domains. If there exist many unregistered top-level domains similar to the name of your domain. Better buy it. Cherry on the top, if they are inexpensive as well. Also, link all these domains to your primary website, if required. Because sometimes, the traffic on your secondary website is more than your primary one due to inexplicable reasons. Google has used this strategy very well. They have bought the similar misspelt domain of like, so that if any user of their unknowingly type wrong domain, even then he gets landed on the original

11- Analysis

The analysis is a crucial part of domain selection. Do a brief analysis as well of all these domain names. After a while, you will know by yourself what necessary steps are to be taken. For example, if you have a domain name, but your audience is of both chair and wood almirahs, then you better should change the domain to

These are some points that, if addressed properly, will surely enhance the productivity and popularity of your website and will engage your audience.

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