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Top 5 Future Technologies You Should Study Them in 2023

 We expect the development of technologies to change the world as we know it. What you saw in Sci-Fi movies or serials years ago is quickly becoming a reality. Even today, the Slovak Transport Authority just confirmed flying cars. The car uses a BMW engine.

Future Technologies

The inventor said

"The vehicle was the ultimate of freedom 50 years ago," said co-founder Anton Zajac. "

AirCar extends those limits much farther by taking us to the next level, where road and sky meet."

From cloning mars, flying cars to self-driving cars, vehicles, and artificial intelligence (AI) that will take care of the most common task for us. Just keep on reading, guys, because we will talk about the top five emerging technologies that will have the potential to change the world and benefit human society. We will also provide companies and startups where their products and services are changing the world.

1. Blockchain – The Holy Grail Of Future Security?

The Blockchain is one of the famous technologies hanging around from the last decade. It is used by cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin and Ethereum and now NFTs. However, while many have heard about this new type of currency, few know how technology really works.

A blockchain is a decentralized online system of a transaction, which uses encryption and a peer-to-peer (P2P) network to make secure transactions. Take an example of a large Excel document, which stores and shares all computer data on the Blockchain, but that single document is not owned (e.g., bank or government). 

The information is stored and encrypted in blocks, which are connected to each other in the form of chains (that's why they are called Blockchain). And every block has a unique ID and connected block. This also makes it impossible to make illegal changes to a single block because it will also create an effect if that happens.

As you may know, cryptocurrency is the most popular app of the Blockchain, but the possibilities of other applications in Blockchain are limitless. For example, we can use Blockchain for: 

● Securing Medical Records

● Real Estate Transaction

● Voting & Elections

● Taxes

This technology alone has the power to eliminate digital theft, data loss, and corruption.

If you dream of becoming a successful blockchain developer or are passionate about blockchain technology, check out our online courses or universities

Here are some top companies and some amazing blockchain startups. You need to know if you are into Blockchain.

● Coinbase

● Chorus One

● Synthetix

● Chainlink

● InvoZone

● Gemini

2. Personal Digital Assistants

Hey Google, do all my chores for today!

PDA or Personal Digital Assistant have become so useful that they are being used as desktop or laptop replacements. Even though we know we are not there yet, some of these assistants are getting more impressive.

Did you know that Google has been working on a Google PDA named Duplex? The demo was very impressive and famous among USA citizens.

Of course, Google is not the only big fish in this PDA market. There are many other famous PDA's like

● Amazon (Alexa)

Microsoft (Cortana)

Apple (Siri)

● Samsung (Bixby)

This also means that if you are into new technologies, there is no doubt PDA's is one of them, and many other companies are trying to make the best PDA ASAP. 

3. Cloud And Remote Computing

Many applications are run through the web browser on a private server of a company. This means that your computer doesn't have to be at the forefront of technology to perform your task. Everything will be processed remotely. You only have the internet to be connected.

We can witness the steps taken by big companies like Microsoft or Google. Both have focused their minds on Office Suits and Google Docs, which are available online. Some famous companies besides Google and Microsoft Cloud and Remote computing are

● Salesforce

● Digital Ocean


● Dropbox

● Forcepoint

The career in this field will increase from time to time. You should consider this field in your list.

4. The Array Of Things (Iot)

An Array of things is a chain of sensors that collects data that policymakers or scientists use to create appropriate changes and solve various problems in the city. The idea is simple to explain. But, first, we have to gather data and create a pattern to form an idea.

The information or data will be uploaded on a portal that anyone: students, companies, public institutions can access. On the Tech side, software developers can use data to create applications that will solve existing problems. 

For instance, if you suffer from asthma, sensors in the city can reveal the areas with the most polluted air, so you can stay clear of these. Do you want to take an unhurried stroll in the park? The sensors can inform you of the number of people in the park, and you'll be able to decide when it is appropriate to take a walk.

As you should know, Chicago is the first city where they are implementing the technology. Based on the city's results and discoveries, which are very good. The project's premise is "A FitBit for the City." You can read the full article from the University of Harvard website.

5. Self-Driving Vehicles And Drones

Companies like Google, Apple, and Tesla have been working on these projects for years. I am proud to say that they are close to their projects and have trials to complete the process.

In the USA, Domino's Pizza is the first company that uses drones for pizza delivery. 

If that is not enough for you, the Amazon Prime Air Delivery service is also in the testing process. 

If you care about AI( Artificial intelligence) and drones, this field is for you.

The top drone companies are DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec. The top companies that manufacture self-driving vehicles are Tesla, Lexus, Audi, Nissan, and BMW.

The Future Is Exciting

You should know that this era is all about technology, and we are heading towards it. We know that there are many problems and challenges we are currently facing. But these vast technologies will help to solve our problems and create opportunities for us, while others will become obsolete.

The important aspect of using these five technologies is remembering the human principles and core values, which should be used as cornerstones. But unfortunately, we have not found yet to give machines ethics and consciousness, and that means the entire responsibility fell on us when we programmed them. 

After all, creating and building technologies are used to make our lives and societies better and better than before.

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