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Efficiency Can Make You Inefficient: Why and How to Pick a Resume Writing Service?

 A lot of people have a severe case of the “I can do it all myself” mindset, which often costs them success, not to mention psychological well-being. If you have such tendencies yourself, you probably think that only illiterate job seekers hire professional resume writing services. Well, this is not true. And here’s why.

Resume Writing Service

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Why use a resume writing service #1: You aren't as good as a professional 

If you think there's no point in hiring a professional to help you with your job applications, you are wrong. People who are wondering, "who can write my resume for me for free?" are often wary of trusting a resume writing service, so without anyone’s help they try to write their resume or ask friends with more experience to assist them. But unless your friend is a career advice expert, that's a losing strategy so hire our services today.

There are so many essential things about resume writing you probably know nothing about. For example, do you understand what an applicant tracking system (ATS) is and how it works? Do you have any idea of the differences between a resume for a corporate vs. a federal position? The list goes on and on. If you want to actually land the job you dream of, you should totally get professional help from a resume writing service.

Why #2: You can focus on actually getting ready for the interview

Sure, it's possible to master at least the basics of resume writing. You can find resources about ATS and learn how to use keywords to write a bot-beating resume. You can also leaf through the best examples available online (not all of them are reliable, though) to have decent samples to follow. And even grasping the differences between resume formats for different industries isn't impossible.

But all of this takes time. You can't expect to be able to craft a winning resume after a couple of hours of research. That's just unrealistic. It takes weeks, if not months, to become at least somewhat competent. But wouldn't it be smarter to leave resume writing to professionals to have enough time to get ready for the application process, especially interviews?

Why #3: It pays off

Finally, the most crucial reason why you should use helpful career resources once you learn how to pick a resume writing service is that it's an investment that pays off. Market research keeps proving that professional help with resume writing is a total game-changer. 

Most customers admit that they first tried to apply for jobs themselves. Then they started asking friends and acquaintances for help. But none of that led to anything. Their resumes kept ending up in the reject pile (or didn't even reach employers because they lacked ATS optimization).

The only thing that helped was hiring a resume writing service. Former job seekers, who have now turned into happily employed workers, admit that finally asking for professional assistance was the best choice they've made. They agree that everyone should find a resume writer not just to become an employee of one's dream company but to boost one's career in general.

How to pick a resume writing service #1: Don't be afraid to ask questions

Before you decide which resume writing service to choose, find a few top options and look through their websites carefully. If you're fine with what you see, consider reaching out to their customer support teams to ask further questions. Here are a few things you need to clarify:

Does the service work with the kind of resume you need? For example, there are a few serious formatting and content differences between resumes for corporate vs. federal positions. If you want to apply for the latter, ensure that the service you've found is familiar with the relevant requirements.

Does it have experts in your particular industry? A resume writer who has no understanding of the tech industry can hardly help you with a resume for the position of IT director. Keep looking.

What can the service guarantee to all clients? Most importantly, ensure that the service you're considering isn't afraid to make promises. For example, some offer a 4-week interview guarantee.

How to #2: Read reviews

Another tip on how to pick a resume writing service is to look at what people who have already used it have to say. Ideally, check both the reviews available on the service's website and the ones you can find on independent platforms and social media. The more, the better.

Don't just look at the CSAT score the service has. Take time to actually read the reviews and look for the information that is relevant to you personally. For example, if you're applying for jobs in the government and see a few positive reviews from people who did the same, that's a good start.

How to #3: If possible, look at the free samples

Not all resume writing services have free samples on their websites for potential clients to look at. But some do. And that's a fantastic way to see what you're about to pay for. If possible, try to find a sample or two similar to what your resume should look like (in terms of the industry, career accomplishments, key professional experiences, and so on).

A few services also offer their potential clients to pay a little ($5 or so) to get access to free samples. If you're seriously considering the service, and the rest of the criteria look good (CSAT score, reviews, communication with the support team), it's worth it. What's $5 when your career is at stake?

An afterword

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to hire a resume writing service is yours. And so is the choice of the service. Just remember that without professional help, the hiring manager for your dream position might not even see your resume. And it won't matter that you're actually a perfect fit. Seeing as resume writing services are quite affordable, it’s wiser to find a different way to save money.

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