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Executive MBA Secrets You May Not Be Aware Of

 Do you want to obtain an MBA degree while still working full time? This is not impossible in this day and age. With the growing number of courses curated explicitly for working professionals, skill-building and advancement in one’s career have never been this easy.  

MBA Secrets

So what exactly is this executive MBA?

An executive MBA is a course that is designed for working professionals. Unlike the traditional MBA program, which is full-time, this one isn’t full-time. It is set up so that a course taker can continue working at their regular job. It is an excellent course for professionals interested in advancing in their careers and obtaining the much-needed management and leadership skills. The learning from this course can simultaneously be applied on the job, adding to the value of the professional at their workplace.

With a course structured keeping in mind the knowledge and experience of the professionals, it is of an advanced level. The curriculum is designed from the point of view of Leaders and business managers. Leadership skills, personal branding, Management skills are some of the skills that course takers will hone through this course. 

These courses are conducted at an accelerated pace compared to the traditional MBA

Here are some secrets that you may not be aware of

● Online and flexible classes 

That’s right. Gone are the days when you had to sling on a bag and attend classes in a physical setting. Such a system would have required a working professional to take a break from being employed for the course duration. Now, thanks to online education and online executive MBA courses, you can earn the coveted degree by learning from anywhere in the world, at your convenience. With night classes and weekend classes, the course is structured so that the work-life of the professional is not hindered. The best part? You can learn as you earn. 

With the world navigating its ways of functioning through the global pandemic that was Covid-19, an online course such as this can ensure that learning is not disrupted and development does not stop.

● International recognition

The degree has international relevance and recognition. With world-class learning material, the certificate is globally recognized. It is treated on par with the traditional MBA. Further,  as you can continue working while attending classes, Executive MBA has the edge over the traditional MBA. You can apply the learning in real-time. Management courses from great learning are a good addition to your resume, and It is recognized across the globe.

● Leadership skills

By obtaining the skills that are valued by the industry, you can position yourself as a leader. The course curriculum focuses on developing strong leadership fundamentals. With the hands-on learning approach employed by the educators, you can see the direct application of the teachings in a real-world setting. The Case studies and assignments as part of the curriculum further cement the learning.

● Personal branding

Personal branding is how people perceive you, and it is the way you can grow; as an individual and in an organizational setup.

As the author of the best-selling book, “Rich dad poor dad,” Mr. Robert Kiyosaki puts it, “If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.” Continuous work on oneself and improving one’s image is of utmost importance, especially in a corporate setting, and personal branding should be a continuous focus. The learning from an Executive MBA course can be of utmost help in building this very important skill.

● The global pool of faculties

In an online program, borders mean nothing. Access to the top-most faculties on an international scale can ensure you have the best of minds guiding and tutoring you. Collaborations with top business schools increase the value of this degree. With real-life case studies and examples from the world over, this course would make you a truly global professional. This course would make you a global professional in its true sense.

● Networking

It comes as no surprise that networking is king. With your peers being the likes of directors, presidents, product heads, and other senior officers of leading companies across the various fields, the networking opportunity is a gold mine. It is possible to build a strong peer group for the mutual benefit of all involved.

● Personalized coursework

With individualized assignments to further hone your skills, this course can give you a first-hand experience of applying the skills learned in a real-world setting. Personal interaction with the tutors would ensure that the applicant takes the best advantage of the course.

● Increased potential in earning

Organizations pay for your skill, so it is no surprise that an employee who upskills and continuously strives to improve would be rewarded better as you grow upwards in an organization. The role shifts from an employee to that of a business leader. So it is important to acquire the necessary skills to do justice to one’s role and one’s potential.

The Bottom Line

MBA for working professionals from great learning  is undoubtedly one of the most valuable courses, evidenced by the above-mentioned “secrets.” In the Indian setting, Executive MBA or PGDM Executive is meant for professionals who have experience of over five years. This criterion of experience varies depending on the college or university concerned. 

Executive MBA courses are provided by all the leading business schools globally and the ones in India. You should make a selection of the appropriate course after a detailed analysis of the curriculum, course work, faculty feedback, time involved, and such other considerations.

 With the course curriculum being set up with a global mindset, Investment in such a course is lucrative in the career of any professional. The returns from this course to your career are multi-fold compared to what you pay for it. The output from this course in terms of better decision-making management is invaluable.

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