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6 Customer Service Marketing Tips for Your Cosmetics and Skincare Brand

 Skincare and cosmetics are experiential products. How they feel, how they look, how they smell. Your customer service experience should be just as pleasant. This experience can drive conversions and sales.

Customer Service Marketing Tips

Read on 6 ways to give your customer service a feeling as premium as your products.

Word of mouth travels fast and customers are often more than happy to share their stories with others when their experience was a pleasant one. Delivering customized experiences is vital, and a cosmetic marketing agency can help you understand your customers and their behavior.

Personalize the Customer Journey

Customers today are knowledgeable and sophisticated. They often know what they want or need in their cosmetics and skincare products. Many customers are open to trying something new. Recent data from Epsilon highlights that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer a personalized experience. No two faces are the same, and there are a lot of factors to consider when trying to decide on any beauty or skincare product. 

Everyone has different skin, and so everyone has different needs. People have a variety of sensitivities, allergies, and factors that affect their choice of skin products. Even their environment can play a part. Customer service can begin with excellent product organization.

Create quizzes that narrow down product lines based on skin traits and environmental factors. For cosmetics, you could try mood or style quizzes. Organize products based on concerns, like skin conditions and skin states. Find out what’s important to customers, whether it’s ingredients or philanthropy, and guide them to the products that suit them.

Leverage Customer Reviews

One of the staples of great customer service is a glowing review. When you’ve done everything you can to help a customer, it’s great to have that appreciation in written form. 

Reviews make for powerful marketing tools. Social proof is a longstanding concept online, and people often look to reviews before purchasing. 

Consumers expect transparent communication and authenticity from brands competing for their business. So don’t despair if you get a bad review, this is actually an opportunity!

Respond to reviews, especially bad reviews, and show a sincere effort to make it right with customers who aren’t happy. Importantly, don’t assume that all negative reviews are unwarranted. It’s vital to take that negative feedback seriously and learn from it.

If you feel strongly that the review is unwarranted, choose a response that best fits your brand voice. If your voice is more playful, maybe your response is a little cheeky. But always keep it respectful and show a genuine effort to improve that customer’s experience.

Keep Your Brand Message Consistent

As mentioned above, today’s consumers generally expect a much more authentic and transparent experience with their favorite brands. This is often found in the chosen voice brands use to communicate with their target audience, and the consistency of that brand messaging can go a long way towards better customer experience marketing.

Stick to your word, and never try to overpromise or oversell your business or products. If you’re working with a smaller team or having trouble finding new ways to optimize your brand messaging, consider hiring a third party, like a beauty and skincare digital marketing agency to help streamline the process. Not only will it provide you with a second team of beauty industry experts, but they’ll likely have a few tricks up their sleeves to help you improve your sales funnel along the way. 

This is especially important if you go through a voice adjustment and have a lot of old content to update. Not doing this can confuse past and future customers.

Analyze the Behavior of Your Audience

Speaking of your sales funnel, part of effective customer service marketing is analyzing the behavior of your customers as they move through your website. Tools like Google Analytics can help you track the sources of leads and traffic to your website, with direct insights into how long users stayed, how much time they spent on individual pages, and the rate at which customers “bounced” or left quickly without converting or performing a specified action. 

You can use the data Google Analytics gives you to identify places on your website where users might need more information or support. If they leave a funnel or start bouncing, you may have found a page that doesn’t serve them well. Find ways to clarify the content and provide extra guidance for next steps. These could also be places to invite users to a customer service chat or assistance with product selection.

This data can be complicated to gather and interpret, but the right digital marketing partner can help you with takeaways and next steps.

Partner with a Cosmetics Digital Marketing Agency

Last but certainly not least, skincare and cosmetics brands looking to improve their customer service marketing efforts would do well to partner with a cosmetics digital marketing agency. Not only will they be familiar with all of the concepts highlighted above, but they’ll be at the forefront of new technologies and trends in the beauty industry. As such, they’ll be an invaluable resource for helping you find new and creative ways to connect with your customers at every stage of the buying process. 

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