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Accubid vs. McCormick Electrical Estimating Software: What's The Better Choice?


If you’re not using the right electrical estimating software to make your life easier, then you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to grow your business.

The Accubid Electrical Estimating Software is the best option for contractors and electricians looking to save time and money when completing their estimates. Instead of wasting hours calculating labor costs and material prices manually, you can use this software to get an accurate estimate for your next project in minutes. Plus, it works seamlessly with both Macs and PCs so there's no need for additional equipment or training!

Accubid vs. McCormick Electrical Estimating Software

But don't take my word for it: watch our demo video below or learn more about how we can help grow your business by visiting today!

About Accubid

Accubid is an electrical estimating software for electricians and engineers. It’s cloud-based, which means it can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. McCormick is another cloud-based electrical estimating software option that can be used to do many of the same things as Accubid, including generating reports and creating estimates in different formats.

McCormick has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices so you can access your data wherever you go!

The biggest difference between McCormick and Accubid is that it has more features than its competitor, including the ability to add photos and videos on any account. You can also use their free trial before deciding if you want to sign up for a paid account

About McCormick

McCormick Construction Software offers construction estimating software for the building trades. McCormick is a privately held company that was founded in 1980 and based in Portland, Oregon. The company has over 3,000 customers worldwide and has offices in the United States and Europe.

McCormick's estimating software contains features such as a job cost manager, which allows users to manage project costs by adding or changing money values (for example, labor costs) at any time during the project; an advanced bill of materials generator that allows you to select specific items from your Item Master database when creating a bill of materials; automatic labor rates based on national averages; comprehensive inventory management capabilities; an integrated spreadsheet interface that allows users to import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into the system without leaving it; customizable reports generated automatically by clicking buttons; complete customization options available through macros written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); integration capabilities with many popular applications such as JIRA Agile CRM & Project Management Tool, Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D™ Software

What Features Do They Have In Common?

Accubid Electrical Estimating Software and MECC have a couple of similarities. Both Accubid and McCormick Electrical Estimating Software are available in two different versions: Accubid Pro, which is the full version with all the bells and whistles; and Accubid Lite, which is a more basic version for those on a budget.

Both programs also come with an app for your mobile device as well as desktop apps for Mac or PC (Windows). You can also access both programs via the web browser if you don't want to use their desktop or mobile apps at all!

If you're looking into using either program for electrical estimating software, it's important to know that both offer cloud-based solutions so no matter where your business takes you in the future—from home office to office space—you'll always have access to your data wherever there's internet!

Pros and Cons for Accubid

As you can see, Accubid has many advantages over McCormick Electrical Estimating Software. While both are cloud-based and easy to use, Accubid provides more features at a lower price point. And while McCormick offers great support, they don't have the backing of their parent company—which means that your business might not be able to rely on them in an emergency situation or if you need help with something outside of their scope of expertise.

If you're looking for an electrical estimating software solution that's easy to learn and use but deep enough to be useful in your everyday work life with plenty of features to keep things interesting, then Accubid Software is the way to go!

Pros and Cons for McCormick

• McCormick is more user-friendly for the average electrician.

• McCormick offers better customer service and tech support than Accubid does.

• McCormick has a better support team, providing more thorough troubleshooting and advice for issues in their software than Accubid does with theirs.

• While both programs have a free trial, McCormick’s costs less per month ($20 per month) than Accubid’s ($40 per month). If you don't want to pay for an electrical estimating program, then you should get either of these options instead of using one that requires payment upfront (like Shazam or Spotify).

McCormick isn't perfect though: it lacks some features that Accubid has (like integrated templates), and its web interface is not as good as ours!


Both Accubid and McCormick are great additions to any estimator’s toolkit. They both offer a lot of valuable features that can help with the estimating process and make it easier for you as an estimator. While there are some differences between the two programs, they both serve the same purpose: to give you a better way of calculating estimates than using pencil and paper. In addition, both vendors have made it clear that they want their customers to be happy with their products so much so that they offer a no-risk trial period where users can try out their software without having to purchase anything upfront!

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