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Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In: Get to Know Everything About TAFCOP

 Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In is a portal that runs by government authorities to keep an eye on the issues related to fraudulent in the Telecom Department. Tafcop stands for Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection. In early days when you want a new sim card  there came very much fraud in existence as people might get sim card issued on other people name but now there days this problem get resolved with the process of eKYC with fingerprint verification.

Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In

In order to protect the consumers from identity theft Government have launch a Tafcop portal as Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In on keep an eye on all the activities related to Telecom department. Users can visit the Tafcop Portal and can easily report that about the number that they are not using for months. Through this portal telecom service providers will get to know about the issue and they will either block or deactivate the number. Every single issue related to your mobile number can be easily resolved through Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In portal.

Tafcop Portal in Detail

Certain rules and regulations related to Telecom industry have been imposed by Indian Government on the Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In Portal. One of the important rule that you can see on Tafcop Portal is that no single user can avail more than 9 connections under his/name. There are certain other rules that are imposed one of them is that you are required to verify your residential address through a call. If you are dealing with pre activated sim card it would be also considered as a criminal offense and you will have to pay the fine of 5000 for that.

You can read the full list of rules and regulations through the direct link on Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In portal ie

There are certain different rules for the foreigners who visit India and purchase sim card during their stay duration. They are first of all required to register themselves on Tafcop Portal.

Tafcop Portal is only operational in few states of India like AP, Telangana, Rajasthan and Kerala but it will be used by other states also in nearby future.

Benefits of Using Tafcop Portal

• Users should check the Tafop Portal not only to read the rules and regulations listed here but can also avail large number of benefits as listed below:

• Single user can only avail 9 phone numbers if you try to buy an extra eSim after that with the same identity then intimation message will be delivered on your mobile number. You will get to know if some other people use your identity to purchase the sim card.

• Subscribers who have purchased more than 9 sim cards can use the Tafcop Portal and take the necessary action.

• By providing appropriate details users can check the status of their Sim cards.

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Steps to Check Mobile Numbers Linked With Aadhaar Card on Government's TAFCOP Portal

• Go to TAFCOP Portal i.e

• On the homepage you will see an input field where you are required to provide the correct details and click on “get an OTP” button.

• You will receive an OTP after that and thereafter you are required to click on “validate” button.

• If the verification process is successful then you will get a list of mobile numbers that are so far issues on your Aadhaar details.

• If any number is listed under your name and you are no longer using this number then you can report that on Tafcop Portal.

• You can easily report the number by select the checkbox that is present on the left side of the number and click on “This is not my number,". Incase you do not required any number then click on “Not required" option.

• Final and last step is that you are required to press the :report button”

Tafcop Portal Features

Name of Portal Portal

Made By

Department of Telecommunications (DoT)

Main Motive

To check Mobile Number Registered with Adhaar Card

Eligibility Criteria

All Telecom Mobile Number Holders

Portal Login Login

Secondary Name

TAF COP Consumer Portal

New Feature

To report and block any number

How to Use

Login Using your Mobile Number

Official Website

How To Download Taf Cop App?

Users who want to download Taf Cop App have to wait for a while as government has not yet launched an app for Taf Cop portal. When it is officially out the you can download the using using steps below:

  • Visit the official website of TAF COP Portal
  • You can came across the option “TAF COP App Download” click on that
  • You can even directly search for the TAF COP on Playstore
  • Press the install button
  • Now TAF COP App gets successfully installed on your mobile phones

FAQ’s: Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In Portal

What is Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In portal?

This is the portal that is launched by the government authorities to keep an eye on telecom industry and to keep the users safe from any fraudulent.

Is it safe to use Tafcop portal?

Yes of course it is absolutely safe to use Taf Cop portal as it is an authorized website by the telecom department of India

How to use Tafcop portal?

You are required to visit the website and thereafter provide your mobile number. You will get all the information about the Sim cards so far issues on your Aadhaar.

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We have explained each and every point related to Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In Portal

 Including its features, benefits and how users can save themselves from possible fraudulent in telecom industry. You can go through the guidelines carefully as mentioned above.

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