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Qourdle Com - Get To Know About Popular Word Game 2022-2023

 We keep ourselves busy by playing different types of games whether it would be online ludo, scrabble or other different games. There are different online games that not only a source of our time pass but also enhance our skills. 

“Qourdle Com” is a word game that also enhances your knowledge and skills. In Qourdle Com players used to predict the words on regular basis that also keep them updated to the latest dictionary words.

Qourdle Com

Qourdle Com is somewhat same to the scrabble where players have to find out 4 letter words, 5 letter words. You might enjoy some twists and turns while playing this is the only reason that makes it different from any other word game and keeps the player more engaged.

If you want to test your mind then Qourdle Com would be the best option for you. It would be difficult for you to understand it on initial stage but as you play it on later stage you will easily get to know about it and you will enjoy playing it.  Here in this blog we will let you know how to start playing Qourdle Com so that it would become quite easy for you to proceed.

What is Qourdle Com?

In you are required to guess the words in which you have guess the four different terms and a total of nine attempts would be given to the players. 

You have to make sure that all of the four words would be of 5 letters and you are required to predict them all on the same time without any further delay. This game is not a decade ago but it has been launched in January 2023 by Freddie Meyer. You won’t believe that in today’s date there are somewhat around 500,000 players that use to play Qourdle Com on daily basis. You would improve your knowledge and enhance your talent by playing this game. It is not only entertaining but also a mind game that will take your skills take your skills to the next level.

While playing Qourdle Com you will came across a new challenge every day.

What are the instructions to follow while playing

Let us tell you the guidelines that you really have to follow while playing so that players won’t face any sort of problems in playing in mind boggling game.  Here are the guidelines:

• When you have entered all the five letters and it becomes green what does it mean?? It means that all the letters are on the correct spot.

• If the square becomes yellow, it implies that letter is correct but not entered in the correct position as it has to be.

• If the square is of grey color it means that answer is not in the correct form as it used to be.

• If all the letters turn red it means that the trial is not at all counted.

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Rules to keep in mind while playing

There are certain rules that you need to follow if you are about to play the word game i.e

• First of all you are required to visit the website there you will get every bit of information about this word game. If you are a beginner then we would recommend you to choose the option “practice” otherwise you can choose “daily” option.

• Players should try to enter all the letters as it would not only enhance their chance of winning but also raise their level of confidence.

• Type five letters and then press enter to check if you are correct or not.

• If your word is correct then you are not required to type any other word in that board and try to by holding this pace try guessing other words.

• Players would get nine chances to guess the words. If you really want to win the game then you are required to think strategically. Additional Features

You can click on the option “?” if you are not getting how to proceed further in this game. This would help you out to make the game much easier. You will come across different alternatives when you will press the down arrow.

Players the change the settings of the game as per their choice whether it would be the players size, game theme or many more.

Daily Stats or Practice stas:  Players would get an idea like how many people won and lost by going through this option.

Donate:  This is a simple thankyou gesture from the players end to the developers.

Final Thought:

We have mentioned every now and then of this word game. Features and rules to play this game have been clearly defined above by following which you will not only win the game but also increase the level of confidence.

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