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DTB Meaning: What Does DTB Mean While Texting?

Have you came across the word “DTB” while typing messages and not aware what does it mean. You might think what is DTB meaning and why people are using this word and to which context this slang world you can use. Here in this blog we will let you know what DTB stands for, what is “DTB meaning” and when you can use this work while texting.

DTB Meaning

Slang words are like our own extra words that we use in texting over social media. On every new day old phrases and words are changes to new one and new ones get modified.

Now look into the newly used acronym in the social media word i.e DTB we will let you know the DTB meaning.

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DTB Meaning

So what does “DTB” mean? It basically stands for “Don’t text back”.  This message send negative vides to the receiver and discourage then as by writing DTB means you are stopping then to reply back you. DTB can be used for a lot many reasons but in field of social media it means that you seems to be more interested in one sided communication.

It is exactly same as an email that you receive in which there is no need to reply. The person only wants you to see the information mentioned but not interested in getting a reply back from your side

DTB Meaning on Social Media Platforms

DTB meaning is exactly the same as “Don’t text back” on all social media platforms whether it would be n Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform that you are using. DTB is most commonly used word while texting.

DTB will also let the people know to whom you are in ongoing conversation that you are really not in a mood to take the conversation ahead.  Make use of these slang words among the people who are more familiar about these terms like if you use such terms in front of your mother and father and they are not aware of such terms then it is of no use.

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Be careful while using slang words

It might happen that you send DTB message to the person to whom you don’t want a reply back and the person on the other end is not getting what you are trying to say as he/she is not familiar of the term DTB. Concerned person does not know the DTB meaning so it’s better to spell it out.

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