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How To Be More Consistent At Work?

 Most of us have gone through periods where we did nothing but procrastinate, and we've all been there at some point in our lives.  

You commit to working on your newly discovered passion each and every day for the first week or so, driven by the determination to achieve the goal you set for yourself. 

How To Be More Consistent At Work

But then you start skipping your practice sessions. A day spent here. A day spent there. Then your task will be added to the stack of pending activities. 

And the cycle commences once again. 

This describes how the majority of us live.  

Our inconsistency can be extremely frustrating and painful.  

Despite the fact that we are aware that consistency is the key to progress in every aspect of our lives, we continue to fail.  

The only thing that you find that you are reliable at doing is beginning something and then giving up on it before you see any results.  

You may be disappointed in yourself, but there is still hope.  

In order to have hope, one must first understand why they get stuck in these cycles, and then take the necessary steps to get out of it.  

We'll go over a few strategies for maintaining consistency in this article. 


How to be Consistent? 

Consistency, on the surface, appears to take a long time to achieve. Doing the same thing over and over until it becomes a part of who you are is what it takes to be consistent. 

It's a lot like getting into the habit of doing something. 

Do you intend to be more consistent in your behavior? Let's begin by discussing the most effective procedures. 


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Be present 

To put it in the simplest terms possible, being present means giving one's undivided attention to the activity at hand. It's about letting go of our tendency to obsess about the past or the future, neither of which we can influence.  

Being present starts with reducing distractions.  

This means getting up before everyone else in the house. It could also mean putting your phone away or putting it in the "do not disturb" mode so that you don't get distracted. 


Make promises only if you can keep them 

Making and keeping commitments is a common aspect of consistency.  

If, on the other hand, you commit to too many things, you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed. 

 When you have any doubts about whether or not something can be accomplished, simply say no. 


Learn to appreciate small improvement 

You won't develop a positive, worthwhile habit overnight. Our brains do not function in this manner. Indeed, according to recent findings, changing your habits for the long term could take months.  

This requires considerable perseverance and focus. That entails a substantial amount of effort. 

Therefore, it is wise to allow yourself to recognize and celebrate your small victories and incremental improvements along the way. They will keep you motivated. 


Forgive your failures 

Still, you are a person and just as flawed as the rest of us.  

There is a high chance that you'll become weary of working toward the same objectives over and over again.  

Regardless of what you want to accomplish, you will inevitably stumble every once in a while, and that's okay. 

Allow yourself to grow and learn from your mistakes. Is there anything more you can do? 


Divide your efforts and tasks  

Divide your goal of realizing your dreams into achievement segments.  

If you want to start a business, break it down into smaller tasks like getting a business license, creating a website, advertising your product or service, and finally meeting profit targets.  

This will ensure consistency. 


Concluding thoughts 

As you may be aware, consistency breeds trust, particularly at work.  

Employees who are consistent are reliable and predictable, which is reassuring to managers, colleagues, and customers alike. 

Therefore use the approaches shared in this article to be consistent and excel at work. 

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