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Haktuts Free Coin Master Spins For iOS and Android

 Before we will dive into the details of free coin master spins, let's begin with the determination of what Haktuts actually is. Haktuts coin master is the application available for iOS and Android operating systems that provide a boundless number of coins and spins for players. Getting enough free links gives users the opportunity to get simple and unique prizes. 

Haktuts Free Coin Master Spins

Haktuts Coin Master Free 50 Spins and Coins Daily Links

The list with links to free coins is generated or updated on a daily basis. You can easily find the website where these links are available. What is really great is that the links from yesterday are also active today and tomorrow. So you can boldly collect the free coins and spins with each link that you haven't used before. If the previous links are not active anymore, they are taken to the expired section of the website. So basically your potential rewards can be hidden in any of the links on the daily lists:

●if you clicked the link but didn't receive the free coin or spin, you cannot try the same link one more time, it occurs due to your inattention or technical problems with the website;

●you can surely use the links from yesterday, but they are going to expire in several days, so you cannot postpone them for weeks or months, if the link on the daily list doesn't work other problems can be the expiration date of the link;

Despite the problems we mentioned above, you still receive numerous links to coins and spins absolutely for free.


Advanced options to get more free spins and coins

Additional spins

The lists with free coins and spins are shared with the official Haktuts website. However, there are lots of other websites where you can have additional links to the coin master to receive free spins. This type of spins and coin collection is also free for all users, so you just need to spend several minutes to find additional resources which also work.  

Invite more friends to join the app

Haktuts provides a nice kind of loyalty program. If you send the invitations to your friends, and they accept them and join the coin master, then you receive an additional free spin for each added friend. 

Share free spins with your Facebook friends

The authorization via the free spin links is made with a Facebook profile. So, if your friends ask, or you want to supply your friend with the free spins you have, you can simply do it. Also, your friends can share free spins with you as well, if you require any. If you present a free spin to your friend, the number of free spins on your balance doesn't change, which makes this option profitable for both sides. 

Easy hourly free spins

The coin master adds five free spins to your balance every hour until the number reaches 50 free spins. 

Coin chests

Coin master offers coin chests where players can find additional free spins and coins for their accounts. The number of free spins is different in each chest. It can contain coins, spins, and pet food as well, which is really required while playing. Here is the list of chests that will be available for you. 

●Wooden Chest—basically this type of chest includes two cards, you will have to spend 1 or more coins on the chest like this to receive the prize, you need to collect four cards from the wooden chest to go to the next level where the golden chest is available;

●Golden Chest—after you collected enough cards and villages to get a golden chest, you are going to receive a cashback in the way of 6 additional cards to move further;

●Magical Chest—this chest is expected to provide 12 more cards, but under the condition of availability of three villages and 8 cards on your balance;

●Mystery Chest—this chest contains not only 6 additional cards, but also additional free spins and pet food;

●Emerald Chest—despite this chest providing no free coins, it offers players to get 4 new cards and 25 free spins;

●Sapphire Chest—the award of this chest is surely scalable that includes from 60 to 80 free spins, but you need to reach 70+ villages to be able to take part in it;

●Ruby Chest the prize equals 200 more free spins and 8 new cards to your accounts

●Valentine’s Chest—this chest is going to provide you with 6 more cards, pet food, and 50 free spins

●Small Lucky Chest—despite the small sizes, the lucky players get 6 new cards, 150 free spins, and the possibility of joker cards in this chest;

●Big Lucky Chest—compared to the small lucky chest, the big one offers 8 new cards, joker cards, and 300 free spins to your balance

●Small Easter Chest—the small one contains 250 free spins and 6 more cards

●Big Easter Chest—the big one provides 500 free spins and XP rates;

●Tiger Chest and Foxy Chests—these modes give you 6 new cards, 100 free spins, pet food, and more rates to your account.

Types of cards in the chests

The definitions of free spins and coins are pretty clear. But what do cards mean and how to receive them? Basically, Haktuts coin master provides two different types of cards a player can get—tradable which you can exchange for spins and coins, and non-tradable which form different combinations that also convert into awards under certain conditions.

Non-tradable cards are quite rare and are supposed to be of higher value than tradable ones. There are particular situations when you can trade non-tradable cards in special groups. Talking about tradable cards, there is also a daily limit that forbids offering more than 5 cards to other players for a certain price.

The role of pets in coin master

Basically, Haktuts coin master has three kinds of pets players can have—tiger, foxy, and rhino. They can be developed and upgraded, providing players with additional values like spins, coins, etc. To grow pets, players need to get pet food and xp rates, which are available in chests we described earlier on different levels. 

Due to the writing service Top Writing Reviews, pets are used to make your playing more efficient and each pet has its own duties like protecting your balance, protecting your villages, and collecting more coins for playing. 

The role of XP

XP shows the number of rates or generally your level. The more xp you receive for quests or chests, the more advanced your pet will be, thereby the more successful your game will be. The amount of your xp is also visible to other players. So, the higher xp you get, the more developer your pets will be, and the better protection your balance and villages are going to have. 

Best ways to receive Haktuts free coin master spins

Taking into account all prizes you can get while playing, we gathered a compilation of the top methods and approaches based on custom writing reviews Rated by Students that will bring you the maximum coins and free spins. 

1.Every hour, you get the opportunity to receive up to 6 free spins, however, there is also a limit that forbids players to receive more than 144 spins per day.

2.Haktuts coin master also offers to get through a Viking quest where you can get free coins, spins, or pet food as an award if you pass it successfully. 

3.Creating new villages provides you with additional 200 free spins and rates to your level. 

4.As we mentioned above, adding your friends to the coin master provides more free pins. Overall, you can get about 40 free spins for each friend who joins by your invitation.

5.Your friends are capable of supplying you with up to 100 free spins from their balances if you send them personal requests.

6.If you collect enough cards, you receive more free coin master spins. The award you get depends on the types of cards you collected. 

7.If you have free cards that are not necessary for combinations, you can exchange these cards for free pins or additional chests with free coins, spins, or pet food. 

8.Like the majority of mobile apps, Haktuts free coin master offers to watch the advertising to receive additional five links where you can get free spins. 

9.Daily links to free spins are posted on the official website as well as Facebook thematic pages where you can have additional spins. 

10.The same method of getting additional spins works for Twitter thematic accounts as well. 

11.Haktuts also has an Instagram fan page where players can find more free spins and awards for their balances.

12.To receive more spins, you can subscribe to newsletters that will be sent to your email on a daily basis. However, this method is available for up to 25 spins. 

13.If you visit Hatuts every day, you follow your personal reward calendar. So each day offers you different prizes that include spins, coins, pet food, and joker cards. 

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Lafond Wanda is a professional content writer, copywriter, content strategist, and communications consultant. She started young with her writing career from being a high school writer to a university editor, and now she is a writer in professional writing platforms— her years of expertise have honed her skills to create compelling and results-driven content every single time.

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