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Functionfox vs Core BQE - Functions & Prices

 The Functionfox software is designed to resolve concerns related to project management, time tracking, and also team collaboration. It integrates timesheets, Gantt charts, and advanced reports to simplify the processes. The BQE project management software was created in 1995 as a solution to the billing process related to the engineering industry. It has come a long way since and has kept up with the times to resolve billing and time tracking for the fast-paced world. 

Functionfox vs Core BQE

Here is how the Functionfox vs Core BQE software differs from each other albeit sharing similarities. 

Functionfox Pricing  

The best way to understand the functions provided by Functionfox is to take a look at its pricing options. The Functionfox software has three carefully curated payment options for its users: 

1. Classic 

As symbolized by the title, this option includes the most basic yet characteristic functions of the Functionfox software. Billed for $5, the classic plan supports a timesheet with a stopwatch timer to help you accurately assess timing. Meanwhile, you can work with multiple clients on unlimited projects so your possibilities are endless. 

In fact, if you want to analyze how much time or budget is required for a project, the estimate tracker will help you do it to reduce errors. A retainer tracker is also put in place. And finally, you will be able to generate comprehensive reports about the progress of your projects too.  

2. Premier 

The second plan costs $10 and it has equally valuable yet upgraded features in addition to those offered by the classic. For example, users can turn their to-do lists into actions thus reducing the time spent on manual tasks. The premier plan also integrates visual tools such as the Gantt chart and schedules so that you can keep up with the updates in real-time.  

Since communicating with the team is an essential part of assignments, you can utilize the internal communication blog where feedback, updates, and requests can be shared. And finally, you will receive availability and traffic reports to stay on top of the movement. 


3. In-House 

Last but not least, for bigger teams, large-scale tools are required and the in-house pricing plan is an ideal way to cope with that requirement. Priced at $20, this feature integrates all the options available in the classic and the premier. Additionally, it gives you the ability to create custom job intake forms to reduce email threads and other means of communication. You can streamline requests with proper information to reduce miscommunication and ensure that you deliver only the best.  

You can even add as many custom job fields as you require for clarity. When it comes to keeping up with incoming requests, you can rest assured that you will be notified with email alerts. And finally, the in-house pricing plan includes advanced reporting for a detailed analysis.  

Who is Using Functionfox? 

The Functionfox has been providing solutions to a variety of teams: 

• Marketing  

• In-House 

• Design  

• Creative 

• Freelance  

The reason that so many users trust Functionfox is due to the fact that it provides high-end technological solutions. Take project planning, for example. Functionfox integrates tools that let you view, plan, and strategize your goals through visual features. You can also adjust your plan according to the most recent changes so that the progress is not compromised. 

File-sharing can ensure that the most relevant sources are communicated between members or across departments too. In simple terms, you will have a smooth workflow to support complex tasks. 


Core BQE Pricing 

The Core BQE project management software has a variety of products that you can use to customize a plan that fits the requirements of your business. The Core BQE pricing is not available but you can generate a quote through the official website. 

Who is Using Core BQE? 

Many industries rely on Core BQE to resolve workspace billing processes, including: 

• Engineers 

• Architects 

• Legal Professionals  

• Government Contractors 

• Accountants 

It is, therefore, crucial for Core BQE to provide heavy-duty solutions that prevent leakage and ensure heightened accuracy of the system. Let’s go through all the features that make this platform stand out. 

1. Time and Expense Tracking 

Since BQE Core promises accuracy of time and expenses, you can count on it to deliver the promise with its pre-populated timesheets and reminders. Each and every hour, whether it is spent on a project or part of time-off will be captured.  

Instead of spending hours on entering manual data, you only have to spend a couple of minutes to provide options from daily, weekly, and bi-weekly timecards to start getting accurate time reports. Furthermore, the timecards are easy to control as you can pause and stop them at any time during the day.  

The other crucial element is the expense tracker that helps you keep a record of receipts and expenses by connecting them to projects. Eventually, the billing process is simplified. 

2. Project Management

Gone are the days when you had to work on different apps to achieve one goal. The Core BQE system integrates project accounting with so you can run reports and analyze profit and loss. By running project reports, you do not only increase profit but also establish stronger relationships with your clients too.  

Resource management is a central theme of the product as well. You can access Gantt charts to see who is working on what. Therefore, the workload remains balanced throughout. Automated reporting also helps you get rid of physical report sheets in order to make updates and reports more accessible.  

3. Billing 

One of the qualities of Core BQE that has eased users is how much simpler billing is. Automated billing helps you generate invoices and eliminate anxieties attached to cash flow. Moreover, you do not have to create manual invoices as there are templates available to do the work for you. You can even create customized invoices to include any other details necessary.  

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