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4 Best Android Apps Every Student Should Have

Parents or grandparents will always tell you that the phones are useless and distract you. In my opinion, it depends upon how to use your phone. Several apps and games can distract you, but some productive apps are there too.

4 Best Android Apps Every Student Should Have

These apps can save you time, money, energy, etc. These can be

  • Time management apps,
  • Language learning apps,
  • Travel Planning apps,
  • Finance or budget planning apps,
  • Study apps,
  • Health and Fitness apps, and more.

You can use these types of apps for better productivity. These apps can make a student's life easier at home and in the classroom

I will not include in-built apps like Google apps, weather apps, clock apps, etc. These apps are useful, and everybody has them on their phones. 


As much as you hate to admit it, almost everything starts with or at least involves money. If you are an average college student, you might know that money is a big issue during this time.

You might want to buy everything or try every food, but a tight budget does not allow you that. The other half of the problem starts when you have to split the money. You might have to

  • Divide the rent,
  • Divide the money for drinks or parties,
  • Divide the expenses for projects, books, or hundreds of other things.

Whatever the reason is, there is always an awkwardness if you have to request your share or pay it. Splitwise does this job for you. It tracks your expenses, and you can see how much everyone owes to whom(including yourself).

You can create an event, and everybody can enter the amount they paid. Splitwise will settle the expenses themselves. 


You might find this app the most useful if you are preparing for exams. It helps you create, organize, and compile notes. It also makes sure you time manage all your other tasks too. 

You can create notes from drawings, texts, photographs, audio, and online content. After making notes, you can store them in electronic notebooks and annotate, tag them with labels, search, edit, and export them anytime. 

You can also assign tasks within your notes and add due dates, reminders, and flags. There is one more additional feature this app offers linking to the Google Calendar app. It helps with appointments, events, tasks, meetings, and birthdays.

You can use a free or paid plan. The free version of this app allows you 

  • Take notes in all formats,
  • Synchronize and share the notes etc.


In college, you might want to spend some time on other activities than studying, like listening to songs, playing, walking, etc. You can play music during breaks, do homework, walk, etc. Spotify is a decent app if you want to listen to any type of music.

Some people might say that it can be distracting, but it depends upon its usage. For instance, people also watch movies to improve vocabulary, learn slang, relax, or get motivated. 

However, in college life paying extra money for music and movies is not muchly affordable. You might want to use a free version of Spotify to save some money.

You can also save money by watching movies and TV shows for free. You can use free apps or websites and find free content to stream on your Android phone or TV. However, if you have an Amazon Firestick at your home, you do not have to waste time finding free links and apps. You can visit to learn tips and tricks to stream educational and motivational TV shows and movies for free.

You might want to make sure not to spend much time watching movies or shows for obvious reasons. Also, before using any unofficial website or app, you might want to read a proper guide about them from a reliable website as mentioned above.


If you get distracted by your phone when you need to study, the Forest app is for you. It is an app with a fresh concept and beautiful design. When you start to study, go to the Forest app to plant a tree. It will take about 30 minutes to grow those three. If you try to exit the app to use other things on your phone, your little tree will die.

You can create a forest by studying and focusing on your work daily. Every time you look at this app, you will find messages like do not give up, hang in there, keep up the good work, etc. It is a decent way to keep track of your productive hours. 


These four apps can increase your focus and help you to manage notes, assignments, tasks, and money in a better way.

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