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6 Benefits of Managed Print Services For Your Business

 Managed print services (MPS) are gaining popularity, especially when compared to leasing or buying hardware outright. An MPS provider provides a full-service print contract, which includes network setup and maintenance, software provision, and long-term print optimization across the company, rather than just leasing hardware.

Print Services

On the surface, managed print services appear to be more expensive than direct leasing, yet they can provide several benefits. An organization's prices, print production, information security, environmental impact, and agility can all be improved by using professional print services rather than just hardware.

The Benefits of MPS

Save time and improve efficiency

It can be aggravating to see how much time does your staff really spend on printer-related activities. The act of printing, scanning, copying, or faxing documents using outdated technology or software is only the beginning. Time spent repairing device faults and changing ink cartridges and toners must also be factored in. These issues will be identified by a Managed Print Service, which will free up time for employees.

Reduce costs and save money

Maintaining devices costs more than a cloud-based option. Managed Print Services link printers to a central monitoring system to ensure that new toners and repairs arrive on schedule.

A comprehensive print audit and assessment might help you figure out how to consolidate your equipment.  After all, having too many devices dispersed about your company will increase the expense of maintenance and waste space and electricity. A print expert will be able to evaluate the exact cost of an ad hoc strategy and discover cost-cutting opportunities.

Improve productivity in your organisation

The printing requirements of various divisions within a company can differ. The MPS company can offer a personalized program for these areas of the business after an initial assessment. Printing from mobile devices or off-site, for example, or the need to print specific document sizes and formats that you use frequently are examples of this.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Being a responsible employee includes reducing the quantity of paper, power, and print consumables you consume. You should be able to identify and track levels of print usage if your MPS package includes a monitoring system. You'll be in a better position to intervene and lower your carbon footprint this way. Then, in your Corporate Social Responsibility Report, you may illustrate the benefits of your paper-saving initiatives.

Improve Information Security

Printers are frequently exposed to significant security concerns, which can cause significant issues in places where trade or company secrets are printed and handled, sensitive data is handled, or businesses that require compliance. While installing and managing information security on your own is tough, it is included as part of MPS.

Based on the needs evaluation, Managed Print Services include printer software and servers. Your provider will also examine security and control access according to your requirements. Users may have access to a printer queue, individual user accounts, print history, and printer logins. This minimizes the risk of important documents being left in print trays, allows for tracking of who prints what, and prohibits anybody from simply accessing and printing whatever is in the queue.

Print Fleet Management & Monitoring

Having a team of professionals keep an eye on your devices and how they're working is critical for ensuring that any mistakes are immediately remedied. Furthermore, continuous monitoring ensures that your usage is correct and representative of the contract. If not, it can act as a reminder to convene a meeting to discuss any necessary modifications.

Selecting The Right Provider

While the potential cost savings are enough to pique your interest in managed print services, selecting a supplier necessitates consideration of factors other than your print budget. Prioritize local providers who can react to service calls quickly and professionally and who provide the following features.

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