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Taking Care Of Your Rare Sneakers: An Online Guide On Maintaining A Good Pair Of Kicks

 Australia's sneaker market has been booming ever since sneaker culture gained traction in the country. Like every market trend that shakes the demand and supply from time to time, the rise of sneaker culture has created a new avenue of investment for aspiring shoe collectors and new investors looking to break into the game

sneaker market

Nike Air Jordan and Yeezys are among the most prized pairs that make up for the growing demand as collectors come from various corners of Australia to stake their prices. The wave of this new trend has been so significant that Melbourne is seeing a new museum that is dedicated to some of the rarest sneakers in the world. There is a testimony to how strong the sneaker market is, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. 

● There are plenty of reasons why investors, rookie collectors, and the wealthy are putting their money into getting the best pair of kicks. 

● Money goes where the demand flows, and investing in the sneaker market might not be bad. In many cases, they can even be considered a better investment compared to mutual funds and, sometimes, even gold. Although the market is a tad unpredictable compared to precious metals, still it's an opportunity that's too good to miss out on.

● The market hype will always create a flow of regular customers. Whenever the price of rare sneakers like Nike Air Jordan rises, that means there is always someone willing to pay a bit more. With the growing sneaker market in the country, this demand is likely to see a rise in the coming years. 

● Rare sneakers can also be considered art or a collection which is why it attracts collectors and restorers of antique pieces. When products are embodied as art, they resemble the culture that sired them. When customers buy rare sneakers, they're not just buying a pair of shoes; they're buying a story, an achievement or an emotion. 

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Taking Care Of Rare Sneakers: Where To Start? 

When something expensive like rare sneakers is bought, customers must make sure that they remain in pristine conditions for as long as possible. This is to ensure that the shoes look their best to justify the price when selling them at a high price down the road. 

● Take the time and get to know the product inside out. The best way to take care of the shoe is to understand the materials it's made of. Don't treat these prized possessions as regular laundry, and take proper care and consideration when cleaning and maintaining every single one of them. The cleaning method will vary depending on the material and the age of the shoe. 

● Avoid dipping the shoes into the water for cleaning and instead, make do with a hand rub using detergent suited for the delicate material. Take care not to put soap or detergents directly onto the shoe. 

● Store the shoes in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Before storing them, ensure that they are dry and clean and use a dry cloth to take up the excess moisture. Air-dry the shoes and get all the moisture out to prevent the formation of moulds. For added maintenance of leather shoes, use a leather conditioner to keep the material shining. 

● Always listen to expert advice and don't use any products that are not reliable or don't seem right. Sneaker protector sprays also tend to do an excellent job keeping the shoes looking pristine for a long time. 

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Oriel Malet

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