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Five Beginner's tips to improve survival at Vampire Bloodhunt

 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt has taken the world by storm. This fifth edition, and the first one developed by Paradox Interactives, has quickly captured a dominant share globally. And the way the popularity of the games keeps on rising, it would be unlikely that the fervor around the game will go down anytime soon. Its excellent graphics and compelling plotline does make for an appealing offering to the fans of the franchise. But do not for a second presume that the game is easy, as it is anything but.

Vampire Bloodhunt

If you have had the pleasure of enjoying a round of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt, then you obviously know how unpleasant the game can be, especially for beginners. It is not only you that are experiencing this, as the majority of the newbies struggle to outlast in Vampire Bloodhunt for more than a couple of minutes. To make it easier for you to last in Vampire Bloodhunt and make the gameplay more enjoyable, we have compiled a list of the top five Bloodhunt hacks that can be useful to you.

1. Spawn near tailor or Antique stores

Vampire Bloodhunt is a game where the more firepower you have, the better. And the easiest way you can do that is by purchasing powerful weapons that can do considerable damage to your enemies. Certainly, this is why it is crucial that you try to spawn near the tailor or antique stores. Locating these stores is not an issue at all as they are conveniently marked on the map.

There are many rare but, more importantly, deadly weapons that you can be found at these antique and tailor stores. And one such among them is Katanas. In the game, Katanas is the most dangerous weapons. Try to get your hands on this or any other highly deadly weapon as soon as possible.

2. Get away from the street.

What is the best way one can increase their chances of survival? Getting away from the battlefield as quickly as possible will help. The same is true in Vampire Bloodhunt as well. This game is quite different from its competitors as it offers vertical maps, a feature that many battle royale games seem to neglect. This vertical battleground can be an advantage for wise players. By scaling up a building, you can easily keep an eye on the battle going on the street without worrying about your own health. Also, you can easily pick out gamers that are casually strolling on the street without giving your position away.

3. Invest in armor

A common mistake made by many players is ignoring their defense accessories and focusing on their attack power. Yes, it is your attack that will win you the round, but you must strike a delicate balance between both of them. And in the end, what good is an attack if you keep getting knocked out in one hit.

Having armor would also allow you to get away from a tricky situation without much damage.

4. Carry extra life with you at all times

If the game will teach you anything, it is that you are not invincible, not even close. But also, there is a chance to make a comeback as well. Dying in Vampire Bloodhunt does not mean the end of the world. As one might have guessed from the name, you can get an extra life by biting certain civilians in the game. Naturally, this could prove to be highly fruitful, especially if you are on your last leg, as the extra life will dramatically improve your chances of survival.

5. Watch your surroundings and always plan for an ambush.

You can exponentially increase your chances of survival in the game if you start scanning the loot, civilians, and enemies in your proximity using the heightened sense ability that every character is equipped with. By using it frequently, you can easily avoid any kinds of nasty surprises from your enemies. Additionally, this ability would also help you find rare hidden loot and civilians that can grant you extra lives. Therefore, you should use this ability often without giving your location away.

Just follow the tips and tricks mentioned earlier, and you will surely enhance your chances of survival in Vampire Bloodhunt.

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