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Top Amazing websites built with Angular Framework

According to Wikipedia, there are about 83 libraries and at least 24 JavaScript frameworks. 

And each one of these frameworks is unique and perfectly suited for a different kind of use case. 

But among all those, AngularJS holds a special place. 

Developed by Google and made available to the public in 2009, Angular (or AngularJS) is an open-source front-end framework that is used extensively in the web development industry. 

It was originally developed to create single-page applications. But today, it is used for designing and developing a vast variety of websites and web apps. 

The framework is a sophisticated and elaborate version of HTML and thus, easy to learn. This means that you’ll never find yourself short on Angular experts. (Finding the right one, might be tough given the vast choice, though!). 

Now, as business decision-makers, a detailed rundown of the technical reasons why Angular is better than other frameworks would make little sense to you. 

So to help you decide whether to hire AngularJS developers or not we have curated 50+ websites built with Angular. The list contains a lot of popular and industry-leading names from a vast variety of niches. 

And these examples will help you see the potential of Angular in action. 

Let’s dive right in. 

1. Upwork

The world’s largest freelance marketplace, Upwork uses  AngularJS 1.5.9 in its tech stack.

Angular Framework

With the use of Angular, Upwork’s website offers visitors a seamless single-page experience. Plus the intuitive navigation and filtering add to the rich user experience. 

2. Freelancer

A crowdsourced, Australian platform for freelancers, Freelancer uses Angular 5.1.0.

Angular Framework

The site has a stunning UI and is responsive.  Hence proving why their front-end framework choice was bang on.

3. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a leading multinational investment bank. The bank used AngularJS 1.7.8 to develop the front page of its developer portal.

Angular Framework

This page today is the first point of contact for millions of organizations that use the Bank’s transaction system.

4. IBM

IBM is a global technology giant that needs no introduction. And the tech biggie uses Angular as a part of its front-end stack.

Angular Framework

5. Weather

A weather forecasting app, Weather, was acquired by IBM in 2015.

Angular Framework

The platform has a straightforward design, multiple map integrations, and the feature to broadcasts information across various geographical locations. All powered by Angular.

6. PayPal

PayPal is a well-known payments platform that boasts several features.

Angular Framework

Many of those features, like real-time transaction feed, secure and seamless checkout, and high traffic handling capacity can be traced back to the use of  AngularJS 1.4.8. 

It is also worth noting that the PayPal community platform also uses Angular to serve over 3.5 million users.

Angular Framework

7. Forbes

An American magazine that now is one of the biggest and most respected publication platforms, Forbes also uses Angular.

Angular Framework

Their website front-end is incredibly fast-loading and responsive with the use of Angular 5.2.0. And that’s part of the reason why Forbes articles regularly rank on the top of SERPs.

8. The Guardian

A British news daily, The Guardian, is now the global source of reliable news.

Angular Framework

The platform needs to be stable and seamless enough to handle the vast traffic that it gets. And it does that with a UI designed using Angular.

9. Delta

A fast-loading site with quick search and filter functionality is Delta’s basic need.

Angular Framework

And the American national and international airline gets just that and more by using Angular 6.1.9 on its home page.

10. Samsung

The Korean electronics giant, Samsung, not just outshines competitors in terms of tech and products but also its website.

Angular Framework

The smooth animations and transitions on the Samsung website, which by the way are mobile-responsive too, contribute greatly to the site’s UX. And these animations and transitions are a result of the many features of Angular, which is used for the home page front-end. 

11. Gmail

It would have been strange if Google itself didn’t use the awesome Angular framework that it developed. And the many Google products that you enjoy are brought to you by Angular.

Angular Framework

Gmail is the most popular among those. 

Automatic email categorization and filtering and smart response, auto travel updates, and calendar entries created using event details are some of those features. 

Some other Google products that use Angular include 

  • DoubleClick
  • Google Store
  • G Suite homepage
  • Google AI
  • Google Ads homepage
  • Google Transparency Report
  • Google Voice
  • Google Open Source
  • Google Issue Tracker
  • And more.

12. JetBlue

For American air travelers, JetBlue is the perfect pick. The airline offers low-cost services along with a seamless site experience.

Angular Framework

Booking tickets, accessing travel guides, and using the flight tracker is a breeze. And all these features are being used by several users simultaneously because the site is built using the Angular framework. 

13. Netflix

Streaming high-quality content in any language and any genre is now made possible with Netflix.

Angular Framework

The American content distribution platform has made a mark globally. And two of the key reasons for its success - its flawless UI and magnificent database - are a direct result of using Angular on the front-end. 

14. LEGO

The toy of the century - LEGO - is a household name. The excellent toys from this Danish manufacturer have kept generations entertained. 

But their website is no less entertaining as it offers LEGO movies, digital comic books, and the global LEGO community.

Angular Framework

And among the many technologies used to build the site, Angular is an important front-end framework. 

15. Autodesk

AutoCAD and Maya are two of the most prominent digital design solutions. And the brand behind both these, Autodesk is a technological force to reckon with in the industry. The software bigshot uses Angular to design several of its landing pages, proving Angular’s worth.

Angular Framework

While there are more than 4,50,000 websites known to be using Angular, this was our list of the 15 most popular ones. However, here are a few more brands using Angular as their front-end, JavaScript framework.

16. Rockstar Games

17. Indiegogo

18. UPS

19. CrunchBase

20. TransferWise

21. Wikiwand

22. Rainforest Connection

23. Creadoor

24. Microsoft Xbox

25. YouTube TV

26. Microsoft Office

27. Udacity

28. Standard Bank

29. Nike

30. HBO

31. Mixer

32. Santander

33. Grasshopper

34. Overleaf

35. ING

36. Brilliant Earth

37. Copa Airlines

38. TAP Air Portugal

39. Hello Design Thinking

40. Skout


42. Fitbit community

43. IEEE Xplore Digital Library

44. Tata Consultancy Service

45. JPMorgan Chase and Co. Jobs and Internships

46. ABC News

47. SanDisk

48. Trello Developers


50. Messages

51. GitHub Community Forum

52. BMW Find A Dealer

53. Australian Department of Home Affairs

54. Fitbit Community

55. University of Utah Health

56. Nasdaq Business

57. Colgate

58. AT&T Community Forum

To access the complete list of websites made with Angular, visit here.

Finding the right Angular developer for your website.

The long list of platforms and websites using Angular for front-end development proves that it has great potential. The JavaScript framework can be used to create stunning solutions for any niche.

The only prerequisite is an expert Angular developer. Without the right tech professionals, you won’t be able to leverage Angular for your business website.

And the best way to find Angular developers is to contact talent connect platforms. Such platforms give you access to a pool of talented experts, without the need for conducting rigorous interviews or background verifications. All that is done by the platform and you just have to pick an expert, onboard them (virtually), and have them begin work on your project.

So don’t wait anymore. Hire an Angular developer today!

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