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9 Pieces of Software You Should Have on Your Computer to Make Your Task Easier

 Technology has a strange way of making our lives simpler, and we don't even recognize it most of the time. Whether you're a learner, an instructor, or a working professional, there are some pieces of software that may make your computer job a lot simpler. 

Software You Should Have on Your Computer

Here is a list of applications that you should have on your computer to help you with your job. Keep in mind that this list isn't comprehensive; there are plenty of other wonderful apps out there that may help you get things done faster, but these are a good place to start.

1. Microsoft OneNote

This software is ideal for taking notes and keeping all of your concepts in one location. It enables you to create various notes and pages, as well as multimedia material. Sharing notebooks with others is simple, making collaboration a breeze. It provides the ideal setting for storing all of your ideas and thoughts. The biggest feature of this application is its search function, which allows you to quickly locate what you're looking for. Finally, it's completely free and easily available via proxy-rarbg.

2. Grammarly

This is a fantastic resource for those of you who work with words. Prior to actually distributing your work to others, the app examines your grammar and punctuation to ensure that it is error-free. It also includes a plagiarism checker, which helps you to ensure that none of the information on your site or in an article has been copied. Grammarly offers a premium paid edition with more capabilities if you desire more.

3. Google Drive

Google Docs is fantastic since it is both free and simple to use. There are several possibilities accessible, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. You may collaborate on these papers with others, allowing you to modify files at the same time as others from any location. It's a fantastic approach to work on tasks from afar. It has a large following in the internet community.

4. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a well-known application for a reason: it's flexible and simple to use. This application allows you to produce resumes, papers, flyers, and more. It also has capabilities that allow you to save your work in various formats so that it may be opened by others independent of their machine. It is the most widely used piece of software on the planet. Most PCs come with it preinstalled.

5. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is another long-standing classic. It's great for keeping track of all kinds of data, from numbers to text, and its built-in functions and formulae make gathering data a cinch. You may even use this tool to build charts based on your datasets! This spreadsheet program is intended for anyone who needs to keep track of numerical data or create financial models like budgets and projections. The nicest feature about this software is that it can be used by anybody without any technical knowledge because everything is pre-installed when a computer is purchased.

6. Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDFs have become a corporate standard, and you'll almost certainly need to open and work with one at some time. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the industry standard for accessing PDF files, and it comes with a slew of tools for annotating, modifying, and managing your files. It also works on a variety of devices, allowing you to carry your work with you wherever you go. Furthermore, Adobe offers a membership package that allows you access to all of their applications, which is very useful if you work with a variety of file formats.

7. TeamViewer

For both personal and professional usage, remote access is a must-have. TeamViewer allows you to remotely operate a computer, which is useful if you need to help someone or if your job demands regular foreign travel. It makes collaboration a breeze by allowing you to share files and work on projects together in real-time. Furthermore, it is a free application that does not require registration.

8. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a popular choice for novices since it is user-friendly and easy to learn, while not being the most complex video editor available. Many PCs already have it installed, so you won't have to go out of your way to get it. It's ideal for making tutorials and other types of educational films. It allows you to record your screen while talking, add subtitles and notes, cut clips, create montages with music and photographs, export to a number of formats (including MP), and much more.

9. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

It is the default browser on many devices, and it is owned by Google. If you don't want to install Chrome for whatever reason, you may use Chromium, an open-source alternative. Chrome is a popular online browser with a number of built-in capabilities, like bookmark and extension syncing between devices, malware and phishing prevention, translation of foreign pages into your native language, and more. It's also quick and easy to use.


To conclude, the applications described above should make your computer job simpler for you. Put these in place and discover how much more productive you can become

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