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Why Laravel is Considered One of the Best Frameworks for Web Development

 PHP is the most popular language among all for developing web applications. Laravel is one of the best open-source frameworks in the PHP language that can be used in developing web applications. Laravel is the best framework because it has web development tools and advanced features that can lead to speedy web development.


When developing a web application, it is essential to choose the best framework that can help you create the application in your way as per your needs and requirements. However, suppose you don’t have any idea of choosing a framework. In that case, you can also hire a Laravel development company in India that will help you choose the framework and develop your web application. 

What is Laravel framework?

As mentioned above, it is a PHP framework developed and projected for web application development that follows the model view controller architecture. Laravel is open-source, and it will reuse the present components of the divergent framework that benefit web application development. The web design that is developed will be realistic and structured. 

Laravel supports a vast range of functionalities that will integrate the basic features of the PHP language. Laravel also has a high-quality set of characteristics that will improve the speed of web development. Moreover, the website that is developed in Laravel by Laravel Developer is safe and avoids cyber attacks. 

Benefits of laravel frameworks

● Enhanced performance

● Robust community and open source

● Easy unit testing

● Easy developing multilingual application

● Rapid time to market

Enhanced performance

If the features and functions of the applications are too bulky and take a lot of space, it can directly affect the application's performance. But suppose you are using the Laravel framework. In that case, you don’t need to worry about the performance speed as it has various tools that benefit the developers to enhance the web app performance. The tools used must be integrated within the laravel framework while forming the web apps, making things easier for the developers to improve the performance.  

Powerful community and open-source

The other benefit of using Laravel is that it is an open-source framework. Laravel also has a dynamic community of development companies and developers that will constantly support it to develop more malleable products. So, suppose your PHP developer needs to endorse some intricate functionalities. In that case, they can always advise an expert from a massive community and develop your app as per your requirements. 

Easy unit testing

One of the most significant reasons to choose the Laravel framework for your web application development is to offer easy unit testing. Unit testing is one kind of testing in which each and every component of a web application is being verified so that no part of the application leaves fragmented. As a result, unit testing gives you a guarantee there are no bugs or errors in the web application before it is live on the app store. This means that you will get a bug-free, high-performing, and high-quality web application. 

Easy developing multilingual application

For the companies aiming to augment their reach across several countries with various languages, laravel is the best choice. Your application can easily and rapidly develop for diverse languages that utilise the laravel framework. 

Rapid time to market

In today’s time, each business owner expects to speed up their digital reconstruction. That is why it is imperative to choose an apt framework for your web application. Choosing the laravel framework can speed up the development process of the web application, and you can soon turn it live compared to other frameworks. 

Reasons to choose Laravel framework

● Object-oriented libraries

● Authorization technique

● MVC support

● Database migration

● Security

Object-oriented libraries

One of the significant reasons for selecting the Laravel framework as the best framework of PHP language is object-oriented libraries and various other pre-installed ones that cannot be seen in any PHP framework. Here one of the pre-installed libraries is said to be the authentication library. Even though it is easy to use, it has plenty of progressive features. 

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Authorization technique

Laravel will make the execution of authentication practice very easy. Almost everything can be configured particularly. Laravel also delivers a simple method to create authorization reasoning and control access over the network. 

MVC support

Another reason that makes Laravel the outstanding PHP framework is that it will support MVC patterns such as Symfony, giving clarity between presentation and logic. Model view controller benefits in residing the presentation confirmation enhanced documentation and have various inbuilt functionalities.  

Database migration

For the developers, one main thing to worry about is maintaining the database in sync with development machines. However, with the help of Laravel database migration, it is straightforward. After working for long hours, you can have done various alterations to the database. 


While developing an application, every developer has to use other ways to build the application safely. Laravel makes sure that security is inside the framework. It exploits hashed, and passwords that state the password will not be as safe as plain text in the database. Below are some features regarding security that Laravel offers:

● Storing passwords

● Configuration

● Protecting routes

● Manual logging in users

● Authenticating users

● Authentication drivers

● Password reminders and resets 

● Encryption


As we all know about Laravel, it is the best-known framework of PHP. There are a plethora of benefits of using this framework that is mentioned in this blog. In addition, you can hire a Laravel development company in India that will help you develop a flawless web application according to your choice and requirement. 

In this blog, I have mentioned various types of benefits and reasons that are essential to look at before developing a web application and even before selecting the right platform. Therefore, I suggest you go through the blog when you plan to create a web application based on PHP.

About Author:

Rahim Ladhani, CEO and Managing Director at Nevina Infotech, Enterprise Web App & Mobile Application Development Company, helps global businesses grow by the internet of things development.


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  2. This blog is very interesting for the marketing business line. I would like to read more such informative blogs in the future. Thank you for sharing.

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