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How to Reset Bluetooth Headphones? Complete Guide

 Bluetooth headphones are way more convenient and fun than wired headsets. If you know the details to reset Bluetooth headphones, you can fix several problems you may face with them. 

Bluetooth Headphones

Unfortunately, wireless headsets can be tricky sometimes, which annoys many users. Does it happen that your headphones are working correctly, and then suddenly they stop working? Or do they stop pairing with your phone without any reason? 

Most people face the following issue and more with their Bluetooth headphones. And you do not need to worry about this; that's not because you have low-quality headphones. 

The issue remains the same in all the headphones because the manufacturers have not perfected the technology yet. 

But you don't need to get a new headphone every time your headset malfunctions. You can learn how to reset Bluetooth headphones and save yourself from much trouble. 

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Why Do You Need to Rest Your Bluetooth Headphone? 

If Bluetooth headphones won’t turn on, they might not be broken; you simply need to rest them once. Moreover, you can solve several Bluetooth headphone issues with quick and straightforward rest. 

Because most of the time, it is not a hardware issue you are facing with your headset. These headphones have simple connectivity issues that can

be fixed with a reset. In addition, sometimes, the problem occurs due to software updates

You can also fix software issues with the factory reset, and your headphone will work again without any problem. 

You need to learn how to reset Bluetooth headphones if you are facing issues such as: 

• If your smartphone is unable to find Bluetooth headphones • If the sound of your headset is full of static 

• If the audio is delayed while watching a video 

• If the Bluetooth headphone is unable to connect with your TV, laptop, or mobile 

• If your device can find the headset, but they won't pair successfully 

• If you connect your headphones successfully, but there is no sound coming out 

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Guide to Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones 

Although the different brands of headphones have unique ways of resetting their connection, there is a general method to reset Bluetooth headphones. 

Moreover, you need to know that resetting your headphones will not-pair them from all the connected devices. After the reset, you need to pair them again to use the headphones. 

We'll also show you how to troubleshoot some common issues when using Bluetooth headphones. So, what are you waiting for? 

Let’s see how to reset Bluetooth headphones in general:

1. Look for the power button on your headphone. 

2. Now, you need to press and hold the power button for a while. 

3. Keep holding the power button of your headset until you see the headphone's light indicator flashes red or blue light. 

It’s the simplest way to reset Bluetooth headphones. If it works for you, then perfect otherwise, we will walk you through the reset procedures according to different popular brands. 

How to Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones? 

It is the most popular headphones brand. To know how to reset Bluetooth headphones JBL, you must follow the procedure carefully. 

1- Turn off your JBL headphones by pressing the power button on the right ear-cup. When your headset is turned off, you'll hear a confirmation sound. 

2- You need to press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons on the right ear-cup simultaneously for 20 seconds. 

3- After that, release the button. After your JBL headphones have been reset, you will hear a sound. 

Your headphones have been rest now; you need to pair them again with your device and enjoy uninterrupted music and videos. 

How to Reset Sony Bluetooth Headphones? 

Since 1964, Sony has been one of the most trusted and popular headphone brands. To learn how to reset Bluetooth headphones Sony, you need to follow these easy steps: 

1- Turn off your Sony headphone. 

2- To rest, press and hold the play/pause and power buttons for four seconds simultaneously. 

3- When the blue indicator light flashes, it means you are ready to go.

Now, you are ready to use your headphone without any problem. Most of your worries and issues resolve with the headphone's factory reset. 

How to Factory Reset Bluetooth Headphones? 

As mentioned above, every headset has a different method of resetting. It is highly recommended to refer to your Bluetooth headphone manual to see the appropriate Bluetooth headset reset method. 

However, there is a general method that you can apply to do that; you need to know how to factory reset Bluetooth headphones. 

To factory reset, you need to follow the instructions: 

1- At first, you need to turn off the Bluetooth connection. 

2- Now, lactate the power button on your Bluetooth headset. 

3- Press the power button on the Bluetooth headset. You must press the power button and volume + button for 5 to 20 seconds simultaneously for some devices. 

4- Release the power button (along with volume +) on your headphone. 

5- The LED lights will indicate the factory reset of your headphone (Every headphone has different LED light colors to indicate that). 

6- Delete the Bluetooth headphone name from your Bluetooth paired list on your phone or other devices. 

7- Now, you need to restart your device too. 

8- Pair your Bluetooth headphone and to your device again. 

If the factory reset is successful, the Bluetooth headphone should pair with your device. And you can enjoy whatever you need to listen to on your headset.

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