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Amazon Echo Show 15 Review: Big Alexa Display On Your Wall

 Amazon's Echo Show 15 is the newest and largest Echo Show to date which is by far the largest size Amazon has attempted. Unlike previous versions, this 15.6-inch Alexa smart device was created to mount on the wall instead of modeling on a counter or nightstand. Anyone searching for a larger, Alexa-enabled screen to better access calendars, notes, or reminders, control a smart home, or stream content will like the Echo Show 15.

Amazon Echo Show 15 Review

The Amazon Echo Show 15 is available for purchase from December of 2021 for $249. In case you don't want to hang the Echo Show 15, you'll be required to purchase the Sanus Tilt Stand ($29), which is available separately or in combination with the display; there is no discount if you buy both.

The Echo Show 15 diagonal measurement of the 1920 x 1080 screen is 15.6 inches. The 10.1-inch Echo Show 10 comes in second. The larger screen has obvious advantages, such as better navigation, the capacity to watch more on-screen at once, and a more powerful Picture Frame feature. However, it does not come at a higher cost. 

The brightness of the Echo Show 15 can be adjusted depending on the amount of light in the room. This is a rather typical characteristic. In reality, the Portal+ can do this for both brightness and color. Even in an almost pitch-black environment, the Echo Show 15 wouldn't drop below 50% brightness.

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Despite being a somewhat large piece of equipment, the Echo Show 15 fit well in with the home's design. It doesn't appear to be a tablet strapped to a wireless speaker, unlike other smart displays. The display's large, but classy-looking white border is contrasted with a black frame, allowing the device to easily serve as a picture frame, painting, or bulletin board. 

The Photo Frame feature, which displays your photos or a carousel of themed images and/or artworks, was easy to fall in love with because of the design.

The Echo Show 15 offered an unexpected relaxing environment to its space by mixing nice pictures with Alexa's Nature Sounds ability, which plays quiet tones over the display's speakers. The Echo Show 15 is unique in that it can sit or be placed vertically or horizontally. 

Because facial recognition requires the camera to see the user at eye level, not everyone has counter space to commit to a smart display, and mounting it makes it easier to use. This makes it difficult to find the ideal mounting location.

Additionally, the 5-foot chord for the Echo Show 15 may necessitate the use of an extension cord.

The Echo Show 15's more discreet style is one of the reasons it's so appealing, as well as mountable. The Echo Show 15 may easily pass for a photo frame when mounted to the wall or in Photo Frame mode. Stealthy speakers with an angled-in design to hide behind the display help to achieve this look.

Because you can't see the Echo Show 15's speakers when it's mounted or sitting on a stand, it's much easier for it to pretend to be a silent wallflower. However, such a discreet style comes at a price. The Echo Show 15 is equipped with a pair of 1.6-inch tweeters that are tuned to higher frequencies. 

Many of the other functions on the Echo Show 15 are similar to those found on Amazon's other smart displays, such as the ability to set timers, stream music, operate Alexa-compatible smart home devices, and conduct video chats. It also has a plethora of streaming video options, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and even less well-known providers like TikTok and Sling TV. However, YouTube can only be accessed through a browser, and Show 15 does not support Disney+ or HBO Max.

The Echo Show 15 has a nice design, but can it possibly be useful? 

It takes tremendous delight in its 15 widgets. You choose which ones appear on the Home screen, which is a carousel of diverse and sometimes odd information. Before providing you the weather and time, it might show you content updates from Alexa skills you have, then go to "top news from reputable sources," as Amazon phrased it. User-specific notifications, such as when another device user has sent you a Sticky Note, are also displayed in Home Content.

Even though Amazon enables video conversations via Skype, the Alexa app, or to anybody with an Echo device the Echo Show 15 has a 5MP camera, and there's no auto-framing feature like on the Echo Show 10. Because the Echo Show 15 is so little, it's not surprising that the audio quality is so poor. It's nice for a chill playlist now and then, but there's very little bass, so I wouldn't recommend it for entertaining guests.

Wrap Up

It's not always related to the size when it comes to smart displays but you will have to agree that things are more fun on a bigger screen. The new Echo Show steals the show with its larger size, longer feature list, and lower pricing when compared to the competition.

The positive

● Facial and speech recognition that occurs on-device 

● Choice of hanging it in portrait & landscape mode is available

● In portrait or landscape orientation

● Sticky Notes and a To-Do List are two unique features 

The drawbacks

●Camera and audio characteristics are less powerful than those of the Echo Show 10

● After 30 seconds of inactivity, it will return you to the Home screen

Author Bio

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz  Technologies. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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