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How To Recall An Email In Microsoft Outlook [Detailed Guide]

Often, users want to Recall an email in Outlook because you may impulsively send someone a malicious email. Or maybe you sent a business email and forgot to attach a document that your co-worker needed. If you need to get it back, you are so lucky. If you use Outlook, that's it. Because Microsoft's email client already has a built-in solution for such situations: the ability to retrieve email. 

outlook recalling email

Calling up emails can prevent recipients from seeing incomplete, angry, or threatening emails you sent. If you want to call an email in Outlook, follow the instructions below. If you also wanted to know how to slow down your email in Outlook, scroll down the download instructions for how to do that.

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Why Require Outlook Recalling Email

Here, we will discuss the important facts about how recalling the email is required. We mention below:

1. Both sender and recipient must have an exchange server email account and use Outlook as the email client.

2. When you try to process a recall, then the recipient mailbox is opened.

3. By rules, spam filters or add-in reasons to message were not touched by any process.

4. In the recipient's inbox, the original message is unread.

Possible Results of Outlook Recalling Email

When you are going to Recall an email in Outlook, it all depends on the settings of the recipient's email client, and the original email has been already read, and other factors. The results of your trying to recall a message can change. Following are some of the potential reasons for Outlook recall. 

● If the recipient has already read the message, then the recall process will fail. Both the original message text and the new message are also available to the recipient side.

● If the recipient does not open the original message before the Recall and opens the recall message first, the original message is deleted. Outlook instantly informs the recipient that you deleted the message from their mailbox.

How to recall an email in Outlook

1. You need to open your sent items folder and find the email you want to recall — it can be at or near the top of the list. 

2. You need to double-click on this email to open it fully. 

3. Then, click on the message tab on the toolbar to make it active. 

4. Here, tap to the move section and click the more move actions button.

5. Click on the recall message option from the drop-down list.

6. If your Outlook interface is the Simplified version of the ribbon, then follow the steps in the same sequence: 

● Firstly, select the Message tab.

● Click on the three-dots icon.

● Now, choose Actions, and then select Recall this message.

7. A new pop-up window appears. Here, you have two options: 

● Delete all unread Copies of This Message or Delete Unread Copies

● you can replace With a New Message and you'll also see an option to have Outlook.

● Now, you need to select any one option from them and click on the OK button. 

8. Now, If you choose to create a replacement, then Outlook opens a second screen, then you can revise the message. 

Best Technique For Outlook Recalling Email

In this article, we already discussed the important aspects to Recall an email in Outlook. But the above methods have some drawbacks, and they do not apply to everyone. For using these methods, you are required to have some technical knowledge. 

But, I will suggest to you one of the best tools that are very helpful to Recall an email in Outlook. For Outlook email recovery, you can use one of the best Cigati PST file Recovery tools. That provides the users with essential features. It is a safe and secure tool that gives extraordinary outputs. 

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