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Right Choice of Microsoft Azure Certification

If you aspire to become a certified Microsoft expert and are in a dilemma of choosing an excellent certification course, you are on the right page. 

Microsoft Azure ascertains to deliver the best skills to the aspirants with its cloud certifications. Moreover, Azure Certifications have a set of standard norms that are accepted internationally. 

Microsoft Azure Certification

Therefore, the Microsoft Cloud Certification will help the candidates uplift their careers to a higher level. Microsoft is one of the popular IT giants in India with its Azure certification program. It is offering the complete cloud solution for its customers with different workshops and services. Hence, you need to choose the right Microsoft Azure Certification for learning/certification purpose.

Microsoft Azure Certification Training is delivered with proper classroom training sessions along with textual information, video tutorials and hands on experiences for this particular certification.

There are several Azure certification training paths. Go through this article to get a brief idea of different certification paths and opt for the best Microsoft Azure Certification path. Anyone who aims to enhance their skills in Microsoft Azure and scale up their career must have a clear understanding of Microsoft certification paths.

Microsoft Assure Certification – What makes it stand out?

The Azure certificationenhances the knowledge and experience of the candidates while sharpening their cloud computing skills. In the past year, the Microsoft Azure certified candidates have also shown enhanced job opportunities. 

❖ An expert’s survey conducted by Microsoft has revealed that more than 1000 candidates sign up for MS Azure on a daily basis. Over 3,65,000 companies implement Azure every year.

❖ The commercial cloud revenue of Microsoft has amplified by 104% with the aid of MS Azure.

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Vital Aspects that determine the Best Azure Certification-

Several factors are to be considered while choosing the best Microsoft Cloud Certification. 

A few important ones are:

⮚ Technological Experience:

One should know his abilities and technical skills to decide whether to choose advanced certification or begin with the fundamental certification. 

⮚ Present Job Roles:

Experts usually recommend the candidates opt for a certification that suits their current job role. 

⮚ Candidate’s objective:

The certification path that you choose should suit your future goal. So, it is better to choose an Azure certification based on your futuristic plan. 

Types of Microsoft Azure Certification-

Microsoft renders a wide variety of Azure Certification exams to cater to the needs of competent professionals to upscale in their careers as per the current business requirements. 

Microsoft also launched numerous trending Azure certifications for IT professionals and role-based certifications. Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can use Azure to manage existing workloads, deploy new applications, or integrate services across data center boundaries for hybrid cloud computing. 

The different types of Microsoft Azure Certifications are:

⮚ Azure Fundamental Certification-

The fundamental certifications are designed to demonstrate the basic level of understanding of the Azure-based cloud services. 

⮚ Azure Associate Certification-

This level of certification illustrates knowledge of monitoring, implementation, and maintenance of Azure-based cloud services.

⮚ Azure Expert Certification-

At this level, the candidates acquire expertise in networking, computing, storage, designing, and security solutions that run on Azure.

Microsoft Azure Learning Paths:

Microsoft offers numerous learning paths to help the candidates during certification. They are:

 Microsoft Learning Platform-

This platform is the foremost learning resource to get authentic information about the exam. In addition, candidates can access all information about the Azure certification type of their choice.

● Microsoft Documentation-

It provides the candidates a better platform for understanding the fundamentals of Azure.

● Instructor-Led Training-

Certified expert instructors and facilitators provide classes to the candidates through this path. Moreover, it offers an option to the candidates for choosing flexible class timing.

● Joining the Study groups-

Study groups will assist the candidates in staying tuned with individuals of the same interests. Candidates can easily share their queries and doubts in the study forums to get the solutions at the earliest.

Many Microsoft Azure Certification training institutes and tutorials render top-rated training and rigorous practice sessions for the aspirants. In addition, they highlight every significant concept that helps the candidate take up the exam with enhanced confidence and positivity.

Hard work, dedication, determination, and goal-oriented preparation are the key aspects of a candidate’s accomplishment in Microsoft Azure Certification. 

The certifications test your capability to perform technical tasks and provide exposure to various employment opportunities. Experts suggest that it would be better if the candidates had hands-on experience relevant to the certification that they are applying for. 

Aspirants can always make use of the learning paths and student forums to acquire enhanced preparation and practice. So, get to know more about the Microsoft Azure Certification types and make the right choice of the certification that suits your current profession and future goal.

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