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Safer Roads in the United States: How Can Technology Help?

A country known for technological developments should be able to address roadway fatalities better. At least, that is the expectation people have. But the reality is starkly different. Nearly thousands of drivers die on American roads annually. Decades of road fatalities narrow down to one problem–the driver's mistake.

Safer Roads in the United States

Even in a place like St. Louis, close to 178 people lost their lives in 2021. That aside, about 1400 individuals injured themselves in traffic crashes. It induces a silent fear in the minds of people who drive their vehicles that they might encounter a crash at any time and get injured.

However, there is a chance to resolve this situation. It is essential to look at the streets and come up with unusual ways to manage traffic better.

A Ray of Hope

The USDOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) and the NRSS (National Roadway Safety Strategy) enable us to be hopeful. USDOT shares that the NRSS outlines a compact approach by the Department to bring down the number of deaths and severe injuries on the streets, roads, and national highways. 

This safety strategy is gradually changing the way roadway fatalities are looked at. Instead of placing the blame for dangerous incidents on driver mistakes, USDOT has taken the responsibility to check the assets it manages and how it is accountable for street accidents.

Let us consider the example of St. Louis, one of the most dangerous cities when it comes to road accidents. The majority of car accidents in St. Louis happen mostly because of driver negligence and errors. A few other factors include speeding, distracted driving, not obeying traffic rules, and improper lane changes. 

The city is accountable for ensuring that the streets are safe for pedestrians to walk. When there are fewer car accidents, people will feel safe to drive and overall road safety will improve. Technology can be of help to reduce the rate of road crashes. 

In this article, we will delve into how tech tools and products can help curb road accidents in any city in the United States, including St. Louis.

The AI-Enabled Dash Cams

As a part of a compact security program, the application of AI dashcams can minimize fatal driving accidents to a great extent. It can help with accident-causing factors like rapid acceleration, speeding, and hard braking. When such situations occur, the AI dash cam offers instant assistance. It alerts the driver, which prevents an accident.

For instance, if a driver suddenly changes lanes or tailgates, the AI driving recorder will provide voice prompts. Such features help to curb the tendency toward such behaviors and thereby contribute to both road and driver safety. 

High-End Infrastructure for Public Transit

The reason American roads are highly fatal is that they are over-congested. Traffic doesn’t just kill time, but it also increases the chances of an accident. Hence, by leveraging real-time tracking capacities and more effective transit design, city planners can develop transportation networks and take away the pressure from roads.

Currently, Las Vegas and Kansas City are two popular cities that are making the most of the ‘internet of things’, for enhancing the safety and effectiveness of the public transportation systems. It has made roads safer for both pedestrians and drivers.

Use of Message Boards

Message boards can be used at multiple intersections on the street. It can display the vital data that drivers and pedestrians must know. It can be anything from street safety, such as a reminder to wear helmets and seatbelts, to maintaining the speed limit. Currently, these boards have been improved to add real-time data, such as ongoing roadwork, any anticipated road congestion, and traffic status. It is a useful feature for drivers.

The message boards are remotely controlled and can also be equipped with cameras for improved management of traffic. The cameras can zoom, tilt, pan, and even give a better view to the operators. Remote video monitoring will promote improved road security measures.

Electric Cars

One danger that driving results in is the damage that occurs to people’s lungs and their entire health because of carbon emissions. Such damages might not surface on accident reports, but the adverse side effects will take a huge toll on people who reside in the populated regions.

The best way to address and resolve this silent threat is to use EV (electric vehicle) technology. Even the use of neutral fuels can make the roads secure. As car safety develops, there is more investment in EV technology, as Tesla has been showing the path ahead. But various other companies, such as GM and Ford, are also taking part in the EV game with positive intentions.

All these technological offerings can reduce the rate of road accidents in St. Louis and other cities in the United States. However, no one can predict that there will be no crashes or collisions. If a car accident occurs, some people can get in touch with a car accident lawyer in St. Louis and file a lawsuit. 

TorHoerman Law suggests that it is best to work under the guidance of a lawyer, as that will ensure you get your compensation to cover all economic and non-economic damages you've undergone. They will also let you know about the settlement payout based on your case details. 

In conclusion, road accidents are never a pleasant phenomenon. It results in both physical wounds and emotional trauma. Other than people blaming drivers for their negligence, it's time to have a broader and bigger picture of the problem and aim towards a solution. 

The use of technological offerings like dash cams, message boards, electric cars, and others can help to develop the public transport scene, thereby bringing about more road safety.

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