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The Best Online Games with the Lowest House Edge

Not all online games treat people equally when it comes to winning. That’s where the house edge comes into play. In essence, the house edge is a statistical disadvantage that online games hold over the player. The higher the house edge means that the more you play, the more you will lose. On the other hand, the low house edge favors the player and allows for more winning over time. Here are the best online games with the lowest house edge.

Best Online Games with the Lowest House Edge

1. Blackjack

House Edge: 0.5% and higher

Blackjack is an online card game that is popular for a reason. It is dynamic, fun to play, beginner-friendly, and has one of the lowest house edges of all online games. If you want to lower the house edge even more, find a single-deck game. Add some strategy basics to the mix, and you will significantly increase your chances of winning. There is a wide array of blackjack themes and variations (like speed blackjack), so check out the livecasino Pirate Spot for more.

2. Craps

House Edge: from 1% to 5.5%

Craps is not a complicated game; that’s why it is so popular among absolute beginners. Craps is a fast-paced online dice game that requires players to bet against each other or against a bank. This game of chance also has one of the lowest house edges, which explains its persistent popularity.

3. Baccarat

House Edge: from 1.5% and higher

With baccarat’s low house edge, players have a higher chance of winning. This guessing game's rules are simple: you have to correctly predict which of the two hands, the player or the banker, is going to win. Baccarat chemin-de-fer variant is also James Bond’s favorite game, so if you are among the innumerable fans of this fictional spy, baccarat is a must.

4. Video Poker

House Edge: from 0.5% to 5%

If you find this game way too challenging with its rules and strategies, then give video option a try. In essence, all you need to do is decide which cards to keep and which to discard. The higher the hand you end up with, the bigger the payout. Another reason to play this beginner-friendly game is its very appealing house edge.

5. European Roulette

House Edge: 2.7%

A typical European roulette wheel has 37 slots (one slot is assigned to zero), which increases your winning odds. This game of chance is not only a true classic but also requires minimal skills. All you need to do is guess at which number (or color) the ball will land.

Among all roulette games, European Roulette is the most popular as it offers the lowest house edge. The difference among roulettes can be quite significant, as the American variant’s house edge is up to 5.25%.

To wrap it up, online games combine entertainment with the real chance of winning money. That’s why, when choosing a game, it’s important to account for the house edge. Games with a higher house edge will come with a higher price over time, while low-edge games will benefit the players more.

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