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Top 10 iOS App Development Trends to Keep an Eye in 2023!

It's that time of the year when enterprises run extensive and multiple R&D and experiments, looking forward to the latest convenient trends for their domain. It's because the world is rapidly evolving with new technology with every feature update. 

Top 10 iOS App Development Trends

Companies that quickly adapt to changes have a greater chance of attracting users and generating significant revenue, particularly those in mobile app development.

Last year Machine learning (ML), Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) were the top-listed trendsetter in Android and iOS app development segments. Features like Chatbots, live streaming apps, and speech recognition have been the prime example of that.  

While the Android industry continues its domination and solid grip on the mobile app development market, iOS is slowly yet comprehensively growing toward a large spectrum audience base. 

Apple always follows the trend and sometimes becomes the trendsetter with its unified innovations. 

In 2022 it has dominated the market like never before, and in 2023 it has some big plans for its users. 

Here's a list of the top 10 iOS App development trends in 2023. In this article, we will go through it to understand what awaits iOS users and how they can benefit from it. 

iOS App Development - Synopsis!

iOS development refers to Apple's mobile app development process. Over the years, the iOS user base has multiplied immensely due to the compatibility and advancement it has provided to users. 

iOS Developers use two programming languages - Swift and Objective-C. While Objective-C belongs to the earlier stage of the iOS development segment and is part of the C and C++ family, Swift was developed by Apple in 2014 specifically for iOS and is a more recent invention.

The Apple App Store currently has 1.96 million apps in various categories available for download. The number is increasing with every tech update. 

In 2023 it is expected to multiply as Apple takes no time to define and enable the latest technological trends in its ecosystem to make its apps and products better than their previous versions.

10 Best iOS App Development Trends 2023!

While some of the trends from last year remain relevant, few new terms have made the latest entry to the list due to the expert buzz. 

Let’s look at the top 10 iOS app development trends in 2023 that could change its operation and usage. 

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML): -

AI and ML have contributed significantly to the success of the Apple industry in the digital marketplace. From speech recognition to deep learning, chatbots, and search suggestions, these technologies have played a vital role in skyrocketing the development and growth of the company. 

Integrating CoreML in iOS apps will enhance machine learning capabilities and make your app user experience more streamlined and advanced. 

The year 2022 will experience significant adoption of AI and ML in the Apple industry, and 2023 will witness more of it due to the rapid demand.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR): -

The urge to provide real-time service experience has led enterprises and developers to invest their money, effort, and time in creating advanced solutions.

As a result, the iOS industry started to enhance Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in their integrated system to make real-time app experience more significant than usual. 

IKEA, one of the preeminent furniture brands, has already enabled VR in its iOS apps to provide users with more realistic visuality. 

AR and VR, if not the big, are definitely one of the significant iOS app development trends in 2023.

3. Internet of Things (IoT): -

Apple has introduced HomeKit, a technology based on the Internet of Things (IoT). It facilitates the connection of Apple products with other home appliances and wearables to share and transfer information. 

Many people in the USA use HomeKit to make their homes smarter and more connected. With HomeKit and Siri, they can create various scenes or actions to control their appliances.

4. Smart Wearables: -

The Apple Watch's impressive health tracking and management capabilities have gained exclusive attention. However, this is just the teaser of an upcoming blockbuster, as they plan to release additional smart wearables in the future.

The focus is to deliver seamless service through wearables where users can enjoy the benefits of push notifications on and off to execute plans better. 

5. Cloud Integration: -

In 2022, cloud-based apps have gained immense popularity due to their extensive data storage and advanced security capabilities. 

Apple has not far behind when it comes to cloud-based technology. 

Cloudkit by Apple is one of the most advanced cloud resources that has streamlined the data management and development procedure.

6. Chatbots: -

AI-based Chatbots have been one of the last decade's most convenient and essential innovations. With the inclusion of Chatbots, brands have ensured quick, accurate, and friendly communication with clients, visitors, and audiences. 

Recently, there have been talks about Apple's determination to enable AI-based chatbots in all its iOS apps, replacing human-based customer management. 

This way, the company aims to increase accuracy and consistency 24*7 to its customers while reducing labor costs and effort. 

7. iBeacon Technology: -

iBeacon is a developing BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology that enhances the retail shopping experience. Beacons are wireless transmitters that send signals via Bluetooth once users approve the connection. 

Apple has adopted this technology to ensure seamless message deliveries such as coupons, reminders, gift cards, and special offers. Experts have predicted that iBeacon-enabled apps to be hugely popular in the future. 

8. Swift 5 Implementation: -

Since Apple released the latest version of Swift 5, the horde for its quick and seamless implementation has peaked. The officials have stated that this Swift version is more subtle and a standalone programming language with improved functionality and efficiency. 

All the latest Swift libraries are available in this release, making it a wise choice for developing macOS, iOS, and Wearable OS. All iOS applications will be smaller in size and simpler in use with this version.

9. Security: -

With the inclusion of UPI and online payment, cybersecurity incidents are increasing rapidly globally. In contrast, industries heavily invest and rely on safeguard system software to safeguard their customers' data and information. 

On the other hand, Apple has instructed its iOS developers to incorporate ATS (App Transport Security) into their iOS apps and devices to prevent hackers from stealing their user's precious data. 

10. Apple Pay: -

Lately, there has been a significant enhancement in the use of UPI and online payments worldwide due to a decline in interest in using cash for purchases. This trend has been attributed to the widespread adoption of smartphones. Consequently, organizations have been compelled to expedite the creation of mobile wallets and payment gateways.

In contrast, Apple has introduced its own Apply Pay gateway processor with one-click payment options. Apple Pay enables payments with NFC technology that doesn't save card details yet transmits money to merchants quickly and risk-free. 

The future of iOS app development:

The future of iOS app development looks promising with the advent of advanced technology. In 2023, Apple may surprise us with innovative results in their smart wearables, apps, and home appliances products.

The company is investing vast amounts in its devices and features to give users everything that could make their life easy. 

Individuals may encounter obstacles that can reduce their confidence during the process. However, a company generating billions of dollars in revenue can recover quickly.

Bottom Line:

That concludes our discussion on the iOS app development trends for 2023, which includes insights from our research and experts' POV. While we have covered many important points, it's important to note that additional changes and updates may arise throughout the mobile app development company process.

But above all, one thing is sure the Apple team will go beyond creativity to bring something new and flexible to the table like it always does. So be prepared for it! Suppose your business runs on iOS devices or you wish to create an iOS App on the above technologies. 

In that case, a reliable iOS App Development Company is your one-stop destination. Hire iOS developers from us and execute the best iOS App development plan at your convenience and within your timeframe.

Author Bio:

Chetan Sheladiya

Founder & CEO 

Metizsoft Solutions

Chetan is the founder and CEO of Metizsoft Solutions. He has over ten years of experience in web and app development and B2B marketing, having worked for leading global IT companies. Chetan enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with colleagues and family in his spare time.

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