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When Should You Make Your First Gynaecologist Online Appointment?

 A girl who experiences medical problems or needs to ask confidential questions must consider a first gynecologist online appointment. Whether there is a serious concern or none, this helps find the best solution. 


Gynaecologist Appointment

Body changes happen in teen girls ages 13 to 15. These teenagers are beginning to explore sexuality during this stage.

The first appointment often involves educating the patients and establishing a better relationship with them. Most girls do not talk much with their parents when meeting their doctors. 

Reasons Why Teenagers Need to See a Gynaecologist for the First Time 

Most teenagers do not undergo pelvic examinations during the first meeting with a gynecologist. This medical professional usually performs regular health checkups and discusses noticeable body developments. 

1. Determine Irregular Menstruation

Some girls need to visit an ob-gyn to help them determine irregular menstruation periods. Usually, teens ages 12 to 14 have gotten their period already. If your teenager does not have menstruation at 15, it is advisable to visit a women's doctor. 

She should get the best checkup to assess the underlying health issues properly. You and your daughter must determine the cause of the delay to avoid worrying. 

2. Experiencing Troublesome Periods

Another reason teens visit a medical specialist for the first time is if they experience troublesome monthly periods. Their parents must consider visiting trusted ob-gyns. 

Although most girls have varying periods, it is bothersome when the delay is longer. Regardless if they experience heavy or painful menstruation, experienced gynecologists can address the problems better. 

3. Facing Puberty with Difficulty 

Girls who are facing puberty with difficulty must schedule the first visit with a gynecologist. Menstruation is the beginning of teenage life, but struggling with puberty is another concern. 

The most common issues that they face include the following:

● Unwanted hair growth 

● Severe acne

● Extreme pimples 

● Changing voice 

Create Health is the right place to visit if your teen experiences these issues. They have experts who provide answers to your questions and possible treatment solutions for your daughter. 

4. Bothered About Gender Identity

Most women's doctors understand that many teenage girls feel bothered about gender identity. They worry about their physical and emotional issues, which play a huge factor in dealing with their personality.   

A young girl must learn the exact transition process as a teenager with the help of a specialist. Part of the discussion also involves the following:

● Delay or pause puberty onset 

● Explain hormonal transition

● Address any mental health problem 

● Provide the exact medication, if necessary

A woman's doctor offers the best solutions relating to gender identity.


5. In a Relationship at a Young Age 

Having a relationship at a young age is a normal part of a growing teenager. As a parent, you must convince your daughter to discuss her problem if she is in a relationship. 

If you need help, it is essential to set up a gynecologist appointment is essential. Expect helpful tips during the discussion because this person acts like your coach to convince your teen. 

This step is a great way to discuss different adult topics and issues. If she is sexually active, talking to an expert can help both of you overcome your fear. With the best advice, your teenager will understand the importance of keeping a healthy relationship

What Discussion Do You Expect During the Initial Meeting?

Professional gynecologists usually discuss puberty, menstrual problems, and STIs. They also talk about the different birth control methods, such as:

● Patches 

● Contraceptive pills

● IUDs (Intrauterine device)

● Subdermal implants


Taking your daughter to meet a woman's doctor is a great opportunity to build a relationship. It develops a comfortable feeling, and she will not hesitate to talk about personal matters in the future. 



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