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The Top 5 Things Only the Best Resumes Have

 Obviously, only the best resumes get a second look. Only the best resumes are considered for an interview. Only the best resumes will land the job.

Best Resumes

But what exactly constitutes ‘the best resume’? Well, there are a few things. Of course, every resume is unique, but the very best and most successful of them all will feature the following five features. Make sure yours is up to scratch. 

A Sleek Look

First impressions matter. The way your CV looks might not be the most important thing about it, but if it’s eye-catching, it’s more likely to get a second look. 

You can easily use free resume templates to create a modern and professional-looking CV in a matter of minutes, so there are really no excuses for submitting an amateurish and poorly designed document. Try to align your resume style with your industry. In other words, keep it simple and sleek if you’re a CEO but kindergarten teachers can feel free to add some colour. 

A Focus on Results

Under the ‘job experience’ section of their resumes, people love to list all the things they were responsible for. Sure, this is helpful in that it gives recruiters an idea of what you had to do in each position.

However, a great CV focuses on the results they achieved rather than just their responsibilities. Let employers know that you successfully launched that project, that you helped a failing class to an impressive passing grade, or you grew your company’s Instagram page by 50k followers and expanded their reach by 86%. 

Customisation for Each Job Application

A promising resume and a successful cover letter are typically tailored to fit the job application. This may sound like a lot of work, and it is. Job hunters should be customising their resumes every single time they apply for something different.

You can keep the foundation the same, but edit sections like the “about me”, to portray you as the absolute ideal candidate for the exact job you’re applying for. Use the job listing to insert some keywords into your resume and cover letter – both for software processing purposes and to show that you paid attention

A Complete Lack of Errors

Another thing to think about is how your written communication skills come across in your resume and cover letter. Spelling mistakes, poor grammar and other issues are not going to make the cut. 

Make sure to use a grammar checker tool and ask someone close to you to proofread your CV too, before pressing ‘submit’. 

Data and Metrics

Finally, keep in mind that recruiters love to see metrics. Numbers are quantifiable and they will give an employer a clearer idea of what you’re able to do for their company.

Wherever possible, include statistics and metrics (this often works best in the “job achievements” section we previously discussed). Of course, this type of information isn’t applicable to every role or even every industry, but if you have some noteworthy metrics, they will only boost your chances. 

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