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What is Miflow (MERC)? | L&T Micro Finance Collection Repository

L&T provides various financial services to clients on a short-term and long-term basis and Miflow ( Microfinance ) is one of them. It is a web-based app launched by the L&T government authorities that provides loans on various different commodities all around the world. It also consists of the Micro Finance Collection Repository portal which is known to be the MERC portal. The miflow portal maintains all records of payments that would be made against those funds.


Short-term finance is the major financial service that is being used by L&T clients which are also known to be microfinance.

MERC Portal

  • Short-term finance just for 2 years is named to be MERC.
  • L&T launched this portal and all the collection details of employees, as well as customers, are maintained over here.
  • There is a large number of customers so managing their data related to the loan amount and installation dues would be typical to handle so this portal is launched to maintain the customer's data.
  • Customers can check their loan details and balance on this portal. 
  • It provides financial services to about 5 lakh people in India and its major service is short team loan that is used by most of the clients.

Key Features

  • Through Joint Liability Group, term loans (JLG).
  • Loans available up to Rs. 45,000.
  • loan term of up to 24 months.
  • Simple monthly payments plan.
  • A processing charge of one percent flat.
  • Interest rates are at 24%*.
  • The processing fee is payable at 1%.

More about Miflow

• Financing is maximum for 2 years.

• It is a web-based app developed by L&T to keep track of information collected about employees and clients.

• L&T finance is responsible in collecting activities

• As there are large numbers of clients this portal has been launched to keep track of their information, loan amount as well as payment due.


Portal Name: MiFlow (MERC)

Division: Micro Finance Collection Repository

Parent Company: L&T Finance

Category: Micro Finance

Official Website:

Purpose: Keep track of payments made against loans by L&T

Why to use Miflow?

The different financial institution offers both types of leans i.e long-term and short-term as well. L&T Finance is one of the financial firms that provide loans on goods and services around the nation. L&T Finance has recently released the Miflow web app for its clients as well as employees both. It has been created by L&T government authorities to keep an eye on payments that are made against certain debts. 

Services offered

(miflow ssc login)

(miflow access management)

(ltfs login)

(ltferp access management system)

(ssc login l&t)

(ltfs microfinance)

(miflow ltferp login)

(l&t collection app)

How to have Miflow Login?

Open the official website of Miflow Merc Portal. There you will find a login page. Follow these simple steps to log in to your account.

Open official website

The first and foremost step is open the official website: on any of your browsers.

Provide your Login Id

You might have an official id for Miflow that you might have used while registration use. If yes, then enter that Login id. 

Enter Password

Now in the next step, you are required to enter from Miflow MERC account password.

Provide Domain

You will even find this option and it’s your choice you can leave this option or can enter

Click the Login option:

Once you are done with providing all the required information, then you can press the login button.

L&T Micro Finance

L&T provides loans to women that help them to keep working in the business. A maximum amount of Rs.45000 loan is provided and tenure for that would be up to 24 months.

More details regarding Micro Loans –

  • The applicant's minimum age should be 20 and the maximum it can be up to 60.
  • Money is lent to the women.
  • The maximum loan amount to be provided is Rs.45000.
  • Tenure is of maximum 2 years.
  • No collateral is required for that.
  • Only a 1% processing fee will get charged.


What is the full form of MERC?

The full form of MERC in Miflow is Micro Finance Collection Repository.

Is there any official website for Mi-Flow?

Yes of course Mi-Flow is having an official website as

Can we create a new account on Miflow from our end?

No, you cannot register a new account by yourself.

Does Miflow is having some parent company?

Yes, it is and its parent company is L&T Finance Limited.

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