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4 Ways to Boost Your Business Instagram Account

 Instagram has, over the years, become an integral part of digital marketing. It has solidified itself as one of the top platforms to reach new audiences and increase engagement and opened up conversions for websites worldwide. 

Boost Instagram Account

But many brands and companies are still unsure how to actually use Instagram effectively and how to capitalize on each of its features. 

We have spoken to several brands worldwide, who simply don’t know how to go about creating the right content to hook audiences. So, we thought we would unpack how you can go about using Instagram effectively and how you can boost your account. Let’s take a look. 

Get Yourself Seen 

Merely opening an Instagram business account and posting content won't get you far, you will also need a sizable follower count. And you can’t get followers if they don’t know about your Instagram presence.

The best way to get noticed on the platform is through the use of hashtags. The hashtag feature allows Instagram users to find new content and accounts to follow. However, you need to keep in mind that the hashtags you will use need to be related to your niche, brand, products, and services if you want to attract the right audience. Additionally, it would useful to include trending hashtags to real gain traction on the platform.

But, if coming up with relevant hashtags sounds too complicated to do on your own, you can look for free hashtag generator Instagram tools that can help you pinpoint what you need to include in your posts. This will ensure that your posts will pop up when your target audience is searching those exact terms when scrolling through the platform. 

Know Your Customer 

In order to know what to post, you need to know who you are speaking to. We advise brands to do a regular deep dive into customers to understand exactly who they are, what they respond to, and how they behave on Instagram. 

Granted, vital information like age, price points, and basic location is important. But, you also need to know what interests your customer. What are they paying attention to on Instagram? What are they engaging with? Which brands and trends are piquing their interest? 

You will also need to pay attention to their behaviors and how they actually shop online. What is the buying process that they go through? Do they buy from Instagram, or are they going through the full sales funnel on your site? 

There is plenty of data out there for you to analyze, and you will also start collecting your own. Digital marketing takes around six months to really start working for you, and you will slowly start being able to see what is working for your customers and what isn’t. 

Create Content That Will Hook Your Customer 

We discussed hashtags and their importance earlier, but let’s actually go into how important your content is. What about everything that goes around those hashtags?

You simply can’t put up a whole lot of hashtags and an image and go with that. Your content needs to be carefully planned out and mapped out. Create a content calendar for the year and map out the types of content you want to publish each week and each month. 

Your content needs to be informative, educational, and entertaining. The copy needs to be simple and well-written. It needs to be descriptive and simple enough for your customer to instantly understand the key messaging. Your videos and images need to be high quality and eye-catching. Tell stories. Talk to your audience. Create content that they can relate to and that looks amazing. 

The more you work and budget you put into your content, the more likely you are to draw attention to it and increase engagement. 

Measure, Monitor, and Test Everything 

Again, we mentioned this earlier. In order to know what is working, you need to keep an eye on your metrics. 

So, how are your posts doing? What got click-throughs? What got engagement? Which posts converted the most? 

Not only does Instagram provide you with this information, but you can also make use of Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you are able to track the traffic on your site, see where it has come from, where it's going and how it behaves. 

The Bottom Line 

Being successful on Instagram means having a constant presence on it. You need to pay attention to what other brands are doing, what your customers are engaging with, and what's happening with your account. So, if something new is trending, you can jump onto it immediately.

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