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Industrial Centrifuge Machine Manufacturer

 Industrial centrifuge machines separate tiny particles and fluids. They are used for separating liquid from liquid and solids from liquid. The process takes place with a centrifugal force that rotates the material and pushes it away from the center.

Industrial Centrifuge Machine

If you are owning an industry and you want an industrial centrifuge machine, you don’t need to go anywhere to have it. You have reached the industrial centrifuge machine manufacturer. Yes, we manufacture this machine in our factory. Here, you can have all types of centrifuge machines for your industry. 

A centrifuge is a machine that is not “one size fits all”. On every machine, you can make a specific application of the material you want to separate whether it is solid from liquid or liquid from liquid. To learn more about the industrial centrifuge machine, keep reading this article. 

Categories of Industrial centrifuge machines

Basically centrifuge machines are classified into two types:

● Filtering centrifuge

In this machine, a basket with perforations is used. When it rotates, the liquid passes through a filtration media like cloth or screen and solids remain in the basket. The speed of the basket rotation is kept slow. A filtering centrifuge is used if the quantity of the liquid to be filtered is large. For example, you can use it for filtering the syrup to separate the crystallized sugar. 

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● Sedimentation centrifuge

You can also call it a solid bowl centrifuge. In this machine, two liquids are separated. It also separates solids from liquids. It includes a disk stack, decanter, tubular bowl, and solid-bowl basket. During the process, solids are assembled along the bowl wall containing liquids in small amounts that also separate later.

Uses of Industrial centrifuge machine

Industrial centrifuge machines are one of the greatest technologies that have brought a revolution in the industry. You will be surprised after knowing plenty of its uses. Below, we will discuss some of them:

● Wastewater processing 

In wastewater processing, the separations are made of municipal, farm trap grease DAF, environmental wastewater sludges, and drilling mud. 

● Chemical processing

In this process, raw products are generated such as salts, acids, polymers, oil-water-solids, etc.

● Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries

Centrifuge machines are used in the industries where drugs, medicines, vaccines, and penicillin are made. 

● Food processing 

In food processing, food items are refined including vegetable oils, poultry, dairy, and swine. Besides this, beef rendering takes place in which brown, white, and yellow greases are separated. In addition, vegetable and fruit juice, liquor, and wine clarification are also included in food processing that is made with the help of Industrial centrifuge machines. 

● Mining and mineral processing

It includes tar sands, copper, coal, calcium carbonate, kaolin clay, precious metals, and many more. 

● Energy and biofuel diligence

Energy and biofuel diligence include biodiesel, ethanol, synthetic energies, algae biomass dewatering, cellulosic ethanol, and so on.

So, if you want to contact the Industrial centrifuge machine manufacturer, just click on the link and visit the online store. Here, you will see all types of centrifuge machines that will help you to run your industry on a large scale. 

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