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IDLIX: Online Application To Watch Free TV Shows & Movies

 If you are one of those Indonesian who is fond of watching online movies and TV shows without paying a single penny on the different OTT platforms then IDLIX is one of the best application for you guys. You can watch your favorite shows that to be free of cost.


IDLIX is the free online application where you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies with Indonesian language or subtitles. Using Idlix you can watch wide variety of movies whether it would be action movie, adventure movie, horror movie, Korean dramas etc.

In the search option of IDLIX you can find the movie of your choice. You can even discover new shows by using this application

What you can find in IDLIX

•Office Movie Box

•movie in Indonesian 

•Korean dramas

•TV Shows


IDLIX Features

Features of this online application are as under: 

•Streaming Film Layarkaca21/LK21

•Free – download, install and use

•High-quality graphics 

•Siarang Live TV Indonesia

•No ads, no banner, no popups

•HD Quality Films

•Save Your Favorite Movies

•Download films in single click

•All Movies Free of cost

• Runs smoothly on your phone

•Developed by highly experienced developers

New Features of IDLIX

•Bugs get fixed

•Stability improvements

•More optimization

•Performance improvements

•Simple and user-friendly Interface

•Clear cut design

•All Performance improvements

Steps to Download IDLIX App

If you really want to download IDLIX app then follow these steps

•Go to the IDLIX app link

•Click on the Download option

•After you clicked the download button your app will start downloading

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How To Watch Online Shows & Movies using IDLIX App

Go to Idlix official website

•In the search box, search for your favorite movie or shows that you want to watch

•After clicking on your favorite movies you will find the description below and the server links to watch your favorite movie online.

•Simply click on the play button by selecting server link

•Start enjoying your favorite movies/shows that to be free of cost

Pros and Cons of Using Idlix

Every app is having some pros as well as cons so let’s now discuss the pros and cons of using Idlix app


You can download any version of Idlix app from any third party source. Downloading is the fast process and you are not required to wait for the approval process as in Playstore. After you download it you will find Idlix download file on your memory card so you can install and uninstall it as per your choice.


Since the apps get downloaded from the third party sources so there might be chances that your mobile is attacked by viruses or your personal information might get leaked.

Idlix: FAQ’s

How much traffic does Idlix app really gets per month?

It is getting traffic somehwhat 470k per month

Is it safe to download movies using Idlix?

No it is not really safe to use Idlix to download movies or TV shows as you might came across spammy ads that might slow your phone and inject viruses to your computer.

Is it legal to use Idlix app?

Idlix is illegal website that is even banned by government a lot many times so we personally won’t suggest you to watch or download movies using Idlix.


We have worked hard to put every now and then of Idlix app in front of your guys its features, steps to download app, how to watch movies using this app, its features etc. If we have missed out anything kindly suggest in the comment section below.

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