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Can a DBA Holder Become A Professor?

 Are you a professional looking to expand your knowledge in the field of business and carry forward your learning process? If yes, a Doctorate in Business Administration will help you learn the nuances of business decision-making and develop your leadership qualities. A DBA holder can choose the path of academics or corporate as a career.

DBA Holder Become A Professor

A Doctorate in Business Administration is an advanced qualification in the field of business which enhances your business and industry knowledge. Pursuing a DBA will also boost your chances of getting into the academic field.

Do the possibilities of a DBA degree still confuse you? Read ahead to understand the professional and academic significance of DBA.

What is DBA?

A Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is an advanced academic program in the field of business administration which provides you with the essential knowledge in advanced management theory and techniques along with necessary training. Rather than focusing solemnly on academic research, DBA includes practical training and taught modules to develop the theoretical knowledge and decision-making skills of the students.

Unlike PhD programs, DBA can be pursued only by a senior working professional with some years of experience in the business field. So, this program can be seen as an attempt at boosting your leadership traits and depth of business understanding.

Can a DBA holder become a professor?

If a DBA is an advanced business qualification, is it possible for a DBA holder to divert into a career in academics? Indeed, you can! Even though a PhD is considered the standard for becoming a professor at an institution, a DBA holder can also apply for an academic position at any recognised university.

The reason for considering PhD as the professional standard is because of the in-depth knowledge a PhD scholar has through years of academic research. However, unlike a PhD scholar, a DBA holder has years of managerial experience from working in the corporate community and better analytical skills from practice. This gives the DBA holder an upper hand to become an academician. A DBA degree holder can combine theoretical knowledge with business experience, thereby adding to the value of classroom education

Despite this, reputed business schools require qualified academicians to maintain their standards in teaching and education. A DBA holder brings both practice and theory to the curriculum, helping the universities meet their academic expectations.

Which is better – DBA or PhD?

PhD is still the de facto standard for being considered a worthy candidate in academics. But coming to business administration, a DBA is worth pursuing than a PhD. This is because of the first-hand experience a DBA holder has from working for so many years in the business sector. Experience combined with the right techniques, training and theory brings a lot of valuable information to the classrooms. Who better than an experienced professional with the right knowledge to impart education to students?

Tomorrow’s business leaders need practical knowledge, problem-solving skills and a theoretical base to excel in their career paths and a DBA degree holder can be the anchor that a student needs in academia.

This article is written by Anu Augustine.

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