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How to Resize Partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant

 Have you recently purchased a new computer? You have no idea how to resize partitions so that you may store more data on your computer machine. There are various reasons to adjust the size of a disc partition. Within a few minutes, you can resize your disc partition. There is no need to be a computer expert. Even if you are a computer novice, you may use AOMEI Partition Assistant to alter the partition without losing your data. This is one of the simplest ways to adjust the size, shift, or margin of your partitions. AOMEI Partition Assistant makes it easy for you to safely and simply modify the size of your partitions. Different file systems can be installed for different types of files with the help of partitioning. Separating user data from system data can help keep the system partition from filling up and becoming unusable. Partitioning can also help with backups. Here you can see the how-to Resize Partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant:

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Why do you need to resize the partition?

The term resizes partition refers to the ability to adjust the size of a partition as desired, either expanding or contracting it. When shrinking a partition, however, you can only shrink it to the extent of the used space, giving you more choice in how you use the partitions. For example, you can store apps or files on any partitions. If the partition runs out of space, you can expand it using space from other partitions that have shrunk. You can also use the room acquired from previous partitions to make a new partition.Even you can change the migrate windows 10 to ssd to extend the space.

Various reasons why you might want to enlarge a partition:

A new laptop or PC may come with a pre-installed operating system and a huge C drive with small data partitions or a small C drive with large data partitions. Whichever one it is, it will not be able to use storage space fully.You may have received the notification that the system drive is running out of space after using the computer for a long time.

The most frequent cause of a Windows 10 upgrade failure with the problem couldn't update the system reserved partition is that the system reserved partition is too tiny. Then you can increase the size of the disk management windows 10 reserved partition.

Before you do

• Make sure there are no errors in the partitions you want to resize.

• If you terminate the jobs or turn off the power, you risk losing your data.

• Close any applications currently running on the partitions you want to resize.

Resize partition with Partition Assistant

Extending a partition entails increasing the size of the partition two factors to note are:

There must be an unallocated area on the same hard disc as the partition you want to enlarge. If there isn't any unallocated space, you could shrink another partition to create it.

The unallocated space should be next to the partition you want to extend, whether in front of or behind the target partition.

Extend Partition

If not, you can utilize the move partition option to change its position.

Step: 1

Install AOMEI Partition Assistant and run it. The entire partition settings could be viewed on the main console. There is unallocated space behind C drive in this demonstration. Then, right-click the partition you wish to expand and choose to resize the partition.

Step: 2

Position the mouse pointer on the right border of the partition in the pop-up window and drag the edge rightwards to enlarge the section. Then press OK. You won't be able to drag the border if there is no unallocated space near the partition.

Step: 3

Then it will return to the main console, where you can see how the partition will be enlarged. To commit the operation, click the apply button on the toolbar.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you will learn about the how-to Resize Partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant. You may quickly enlarge a partition if you follow these procedures correctly. These processes allow you to store many items on your computer.

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