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How To Use AnyViewer Remote Desktop Software For Windows

 When you are at home and you get a temporary notice of overtime but you don't have work data, when you are on a business trip but your clients urgently need you to solve their problems. Most people would love to have a remote desktop software to help them when they encounter these problems. With just a few easy steps you can remotely access and control your work computer. Why not try Anyviewer?


Anyviewer is a safe and fast remote control tool for Windows and iPhone users.You can remotely access into the computers, laptops and servers from anywhere and that to be anytime using the AnyViewer Remote Desktop Software For Windows, you are just required to have LAN or internet access. Its functions and functionalities are very much similar to other remote control programs. ID will be the same, a temporary code that is required to get communicated. If we are the one who are giving instructions then we are required to enter the partner id to get access to the remote computer.

Features of AnyViewer

Safe & Reliable remote 

For the remote connectivity safety is the prior thing that we should kept in mind and it the first and foremost thing that mostly users concerned about. Anyviewer is secured by Elliptic Curve Cryptography so there is not a single change of data leakage. You are in safe hands while dealing with Anyviewer.

Stable & Fast

It provides fast as well as stable connection between the computers as it is developed by strong technical team. You can have fast connection between one computer to another or with the multiple computers at the same time.


It includes fast and flexible connection methods, software will get automatically updated and multiple language support is also available for your convenience.

Steps to use AnyViewer

You are firstly required to download the free remote desktop software and thereafter you can follow these steps to remotely access one computer from the other one.

Step 1: You are required to run AnyViewer on the source and as on the destination computer that you need to access.

Step 2: On the AnyViewer homepage you might came across “signup” or sign in option. As you are a new users then you are required to click on the “sign up” option and required to fill the necessary information to get you account created on AnyViewer.


Step 3: You are now logged in to Anyviewer and computer will get assigned to the account automatically.


After assigning the computer you can

•Take full access of one computer from the another computer

•From one PC you can see the remote screen of another computer

•You can even get the status of another computer whether it is online or offline

Step 4: Both the computers are required to logged in from the very same account. You are required to click on “device” and then click the office PC on your home based computer. If you want to take full access of your office computer then you are required to click on “remote control”.


1: It is compatible to all the windows operating systems from windows 7 to windows 11.

2: If you don’t want the other people to expose your remote computer screen then you can upgrade the version of Anyviewer to the higher version and Connect in privacy mode.

Wrapping Up:

We have cover every now and then of AnyViewer Remote Desktop Software and how can you use this software to get remote access from one computer to another that to be in safe mode. If you have any remote problem, Anyviewer can help you solve it easily.

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