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Top 10 Apps for Learning English

 Install these programs on your iOS or Android smartphone and learn a new language anytime, anywhere. All of the apps are designed for people with different levels of English. You can set the level of difficulty, and learn the language at your convenience and in your free time. It is enough to choose at least one program, which you will refer to every day. 

Apps for Learning English

Apps can be used as a tool for self-study and revision of grammar or as an additional element, like the write my essays online services, which will help make English classes and tutoring even more effective.

1. LinguaLeo

Application of the popular service with a lot of different training, which will help to expand the vocabulary, as well as to develop the skills of reading, writing and listening. For example, you can learn vocabulary from your favorite tracks, movies, and books, and compete in "Leo battles" with other users. There s a gamification approach to learning, so you won't lose interest in English and you'll feel constant progress and an incentive to keep moving forward.

2. Duolingo

A handy app that allows you to learn English playfully, spending only a few minutes a day. Start with simple verbs and phrases, practice your grammar, and complete daily tasks to enrich your vocabulary and get closer to your goal. The Stories section will help you improve your listening skills and understand how to use the words and phrases you've learned in real life by listening to dialogues and completing exercises in parallel.

3. Memrise

Another app with an unusual game approach that will turn to learn English into fun and make it easy to memorize new words. To encourage yourself to practice regularly, set a goal of mastering 5, 10, or 15 words every day. In addition to the exercises, Memrise has videos with dialogues that help you get a better grasp of spoken English: look for them in the "Immersion" section.

4. BBC Learning English

The BBC's official app features a variety of English learning programs from the broadcaster's radio and podcasts. In addition to the audio content, there are a variety of exercises for understanding grammar, building phrases, and mastering new words.

5. Easy Ten

With the help of this program, you will be able to improve your vocabulary by memorizing 10 new words every day. The application does not require much time: it is enough to give 20 minutes a day. The program contains more than 20 thousand English words and will help you improve your pronunciation through special simulators. In addition, you can assign new vocabulary to thematic lists and track your progress for extra motivation.

6. Words

This app has become the best in the Education category of the App Store for a reason. The database of the program contains more than 8,000 words, and it is available in offline mode. The main advantage: the app adapts to the individual user and in tasks and tests offers exactly those elements of vocabulary with which you previously had difficulties. If you made a mistake when defining the meaning - a few more times you will come across the word until you do not remember it. Only the first five vocabulary sets are available in the free version.

7. Simpler

In this application, the lessons focus on different grammatical rules such as the passive voice and verbal adjectives. Each lesson is divided into three parts: the first to learn new words, the second to learn how they are used in speech, and the third to test your knowledge in the Simpler. Simpler also has a paid subscription, which unlocks additional words, exercises, and a "Detective Stories" section - a game practice to consolidate knowledge.

8. Rosetta Stone

This app helps you memorize new words through associations. The pronunciation assessment program allows you to learn how to pronounce the words you have learned correctly. The app is available for free, but there are also paid materials.

9. Tongo

A program for learning English according to a personal plan: the algorithm selects it using a short survey. Immediately after registration Tongo offers to set a learning goal, determine the level of language, interesting topics, convenient time and days for classes, as well as the number of minutes you are willing to allocate to the lessons. In addition to exercises, the app has a library with articles, famous quotes, and books: if you see unfamiliar words while reading, tick them - they will automatically go to the training list.

10. English Grammar in Use

A program from Cambridge University Press will help you improve your grammatical skills. With English Grammar in Use, you will be able to perfect your automatic use of articles, irregular verbs, and nouns. In addition to the exercises, there are useful texts explaining, for example, the rules of verb tenses.

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