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CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Certification- Why it’s Career Option #1

 Are you all set to kickstart your IT security career? If so, CompTIA Security+ is the vendor-neutral certification that will help you land a rewarding job. The latest Security+ exam that candidates should eye for is CompTIA Security+ 601 certification. 

CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Certification

To pass the exam, candidates can count on Security+ practice tests.The latest security+ exam is a tough nut to crack.In this blog, we will highlight the reasons to get Security+ certified and how to pass the vendor-neutral certification exam.

First, let's talk about what's the deal with Security+ certification!!

With the widespread adoption of new technologies, firms have become an easy target for cyber-attacks. 100 % of Fortune 500 companies will hire a CISO or other security professionals in 2022. The number has increased from 70 % in 2018 to 100 % in 2022. This data highlights the opportunities certified security professionals have in getting their dream job. And when we talk about cyber security certifications, one name that will be rewarding for your career is the CompTIA Security+ certification.

What is CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Certification?

It’s safe to say that CompTIA Security+ certification is the most popular certification for employers. It also complies with the US Department of Defense 8570. So, if you are fascinated with the world of cyber security, CompTIA Security+ certification will help you take the next step in your career.

The latest Security+ SY0-601 certification was launched back in November 2020. CompTIA made the new update to represent the best risk management and mitigation practices. The new exam will emphasize hands-on, practical skills to deal with a wide range of complex security issues. The certification validates that the candidate has the skills to identify and address cyber security attacks,threats, and vulnerabilities across the system.

The Security+ SY0-601 exam consists of five domains:

• Attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities (24%)

• Architecture and design (21%)

• Operations and incident response (16%)

• Governance, risk, and compliance (14%)

Why Should Professionals Consider CompTIA Security+ 601 certification?

It's a Vendor Neutral Certification

 Since CompTIA Security+ 601 is a vendor-neutral certification, the candidate doesn't need to focus on the technology and security of a particular vendor. Once the candidate passes the exam with the help of Security+ 601 practice test, they will gain skills and knowledge that are in demand in the IT world.

What are the Prerequisites and Required Experience?

Being an entry-level certification, the candidate doesn't need much experience. This is the main reason why people obtain the Security+ certification. However, although there are no prerequisites, CompTIA recommends candidates have at least 2 years of working experience in security.

 Get an Opportunity to Earn a Handsome Salary

Candidates with Security+ certification are more likely to get higher salaries than their peers. The average salary for the certified candidates is between $42,130 and $95,830 for a network engineer. However, other factors will also determine how much you will earn, like your level of experience and accreditation.

You Can Work from Anywhere in the World

The prime benefit of clearing all the Security+ exam objectives and achieving the certification is that you can work anywhere. If you want to work in the USA, the certification will open doors for government agency jobs. The universally recognized certification offers constant learning and helps candidates expand their knowledge. Also, the candidate has to renew the certification every three years. 

Excellent Growth Opportunities

Looking at the pay scale, a security career is the most lucrative and rewarding job. With the increase in cyber security threats, more firms are ready to pay a higher salary to certified candidates to upgrade their defense mechanisms. Once you get the Security+ certification on your resume, you will be assured of a brighter future.

Jobs you will Get with CompTIA Security+ 601 Certification

• Systems administrator( $85,000)

• Security administrator($83,510)

• Junior Penetration tester($104,000)

• Network administrator($ 83, 510)

• Cybersecurity specialist($89,000)

How to Pass the CompTIA Security+ 601 Exam on the First Attempt?

CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests

Through the practice tests that provide Security+ performance-based questions, candidates will gain confidence to appear for the real exam. The tests contain questions similar to what you will find in the real exam. Ensure the practice test covers all exam domains and helps you find out the areas that require more effort.

Enroll in Exam Preparation Courses

Numerous firms offer exam preparation courses for the CompTIA Security+ exam. Register for the course to give a structure to your learning and cover all the exam domains. 

CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests

Through the practice tests that provide Security+ performance-based questions, candidates will gain confidence to appear for the real exam. The tests contain questions similar to what you will find in the real exam. Ensure the practice test covers all exam domains and helps you find out the areas that require more effort.

Critical Exam Tips for Interested Candidates

• Read options in the multiple-choice questions carefully

• Take practice tests before appearing for the exam

• Answer every question as you will not get a negative score for a wrong answer

• Reschedule your exam up to 24 hours before your appointment time.

• Create a list of Security+ exam objectives and use them in the checklist

Frequently Asked Questions About CompTIA Security+ 601 Certification

Is the CompTIA Security+ certification ideal for beginners?

The CompTIA Security+ is an entry-level certification that beginners can take. There are no prerequisites for appearing for the exam, but CompTIA recommends the candidate have certain prior experience in security.

Which Exam Should I Take- Security+ 501 or 601?

The Security+ SYO- 501 exam retired on July 2021, and the updated one is Security+ SY0-601. Before you take the latest exam, determine what's new and the exam objectives.

Will I Get a Job After Passing the Security+ SYO-601 Certification Exam?

There is no guarantee that you will get a job after passing the Security+ exam. Butthere are higher chances of getting a high-paying job in the security field. The job roles you can apply for include: systems administrator, security administrator, and cyber security specialist.

Does the Security+ Exam Expire?

Yes, the CompTIA exam expires every three years from the day you appear for the exam. The candidate must renew the certification through various education programs and pass the latest exam.

How Difficult is it to Pass the Security+ Exam?

Since the exam covers a wide range of topics and information, it is challenging to pass. But, with the right learning guide and Security+ Exam Simulator passing the exam on the first try will become easy.

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