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7 Of The Best Sitemap Generating Tools For Shopify

 Without a sitemap, you will put strenuous efforts to get all of your pages indexed. So you must create it. Read here to know 7 of the best sitemap generating tools for Shopify.

Sitemap Generating Tools For Shopify

Since you are a busy entrepreneur running your eCommerce business. So, researching the best sitemap generator tools to enhance your Shopify store is quite time-consuming for you. 

So, here in this blog, we have taken the liberty of doing this groundwork for you.

These tools can not only assist you to optimize your SEO but these tools can also dominate the SERP by creating and submitting sitemaps to Google.

By reviewing the tool’s rating, the tool’s features, reviews, and other parameters, we have focussed on the best sitemap tools. And this will help you to choose the best one for your Shopify store.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s get started.

What Is A Sitemap

A sitemap is a file that contains a list of links that reflects the whole section of the website. It has all information including site creation date, pages, run-time, and many more.

Sitemaps make it convenient to find all of the website’s pages swiftly. And of course, in one specific location. 

Best Sitemap Generator Tools

If you think visually, sitemap tools that provide a visual representation are especially beneficial to aid you to view the ordering of website pages.

This is too useful for working with clients and assists them in better understanding the goal of sitemaps.

Apart from it, these custom sitemap generator tools are easy to use for drag and drop features.

Now, it’s time to discuss each custom sitemap generator tool in detail.

1. SlickPlan

An interesting tool that will help you to create professional-looking sitemaps. This tool can be used for planning websites, building a process chart, and developing information architecture for any type of project.

Some of its features are drag and drop builder, cloning, custom branding, and import text file.


Regarding its price, Slickplan offers a 30-day trial. And it has various pricing plans beginning at $8.99 per month.

2. XML-Sitemaps

To create a custom sitemap, XML-Sitemaps is a free sitemap generating tool and a Pro paid version with extended functionality.

XML Sitemaps also offers certain additional SEO tools such as an XML sitemap validator, keyword density, competitive analysis, a SERP checker, and keyword density calculator.


This tool is free to use for up to 500 URLs. And the pro version starts from $3.49/month.

3. SEO-HTML And  XML Sitemap

This sitemap generating tool is also one of the top 7 sitemap generating tools for Shopify. By using this tool, you can easily create sitemaps and improve SEO rankings for your store on search engines.

Not only this but this tool also updates every hour because new products, collections, blogs, and web pages are included or excluded.


This tool offers a 7-day free trial and the pro version starts from just $3/month.

4. Writemaps

Writemaps provides a simple interface and customization with colors. And it enables you to map and collect page content.

Writemaps have some features such as customizable, custom groups, and drag & drop builder.


Writemaps allows you to create three sitemaps for free or a 15-day trial on paid plans and pricing is $14.99/mo.

5. InSpyder

This sitemap generator tool permits you to connect as many URLs as you want without any limitations. It is a downloadable tool that combines all of your URLs into an XML sitemap in a few minutes.


InSpyder Sitemap Generator offers a free trial limited version. And a one-off payment of $39.95 for full functionality.

6. Dynomapper

Dynomapper is a visual sitemap generator. This generating tool makes planning your website information architecture so easy. You can select from three three sitemap styles and can modify them with your logo and color scheme.

Dynomapper’s features include URL tagging, sitemap filtering, user permissions, workflow management, and many more.


Dynomapper sitemap generating tool has a 14-day free trial and pricing plans at $40 per month.

7. SureOak

The SureOak sitemap generating tool is easy to operate. This free online sitemap generator utilizes a copy and paste format.

Type or paste the URL for your Shopify store into a given form and click on “Generate my sitemap now!”

And this sitemap manager crawls web pages and attaches your web page URLs to a file while it generates a sitemap. It’s great feature is that it can choose tags to use because it creates your sitemap.


This sitemap generating tool is free to use.

Concluding Notes

So these are the 7 of the best sitemap generating tools for Shopify. All sitemap generating tools are worthy. But our recommendation is to try SEO HTML and XML Sitemap because it does not only create sitemaps but it also offers flexible HTML sitemap layout. 

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