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Benefits of Investing in Tata Power Shares

Benefits of investing in tata power shares

TATA has taken over Air India, and the TATA group's stock has risen dramatically in the previous two weeks. No one has ever acquired a loss-making firm like Air India before. It's great news for Air India, as the TATA group has once again proven their generosity. Let's look at the TATA group's stock and understand the Tata power share price worth and growth chart. 

Tata Motors Ltd (NS:TAMO): From 550 through the conclusion of the first lockup, this stock was in a decline. TATA motors then altered and showed back-to-back rallies. The reason for this was due to car scrap policy, and the stock was subsequently put on hold for six months. Due to EV automobiles and government incentives against EV vehicles, stock is once again performing exceptionally well.

Steady growth with great jump in the prices

Tata Motors share prices have been under profit-booking pressure since reaching to a 52-week high of 536.70. After breaking down at 500 per share, the Rakesh Jhunjhunwala stock had another correction. According to stock market analysts, this occurred as a result of the automaker's poor Q2 performance. They did say, however, that Tata Motors is a high-quality stock, and that the company's poor year-over-year performance is mostly due to the recent Covid-19 closure and limitations placed across the country. They said that the stock is once again available at a discounted price, and that it is a good investment for the long run.

Tata Power Company Ltd is a company based in Mumbai, India.

Tata Power Company Limited is a public limited company based in India that was established in 1913 under the Indian Companies Act VII. The company is traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) (NSE). Tata Power is a pioneer in the energy sector, having steered the industry in terms of technology, process, and platform. Tata Power's latest business integrated solutions, concentrating on mobility and lifestyle, are positioned for multi-fold expansion, powering future technologies for the "smart" consumer.

Huge potential in the stock

Tata Power's stock has soared by roughly 180 percent in the last year, owing to the company's significant investments in EV charging stations, solar infrastructure, and other developments. The company's share price was Rs 90 in early February 2021, and it is now over Rs 250, a gain of 183 percent. Tata Power is a fully integrated power firm with operations across the whole power value chain, including conventional and renewable energy, power services, and next-generation client solutions such as solar rooftop and electric vehicle charging stations.

Investors need to watch out on the stop loss limits

He expects a reversal in the stock from current levels since Tata Power has taken support at the 40-Days EMA. A buy in Tata Power is suggested above 240 with a goal of 300 and a stop loss below 219, with a target of 300.


If you are also planning to invest in the Tata power share then this is the right time. You need to look for the levels stated by the experts and keep it for some time to observe the fluctuation and sell it at the right time. 

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