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URLEbird: Download TikTok Videos Using

 Due to some political disturbances India has imposed a ban on using TikTok. This Bann on Tiktok has led around millions of social media users down as they are earning huge from this social media app. Somewhat around 300+ million people are using Tiktok and even love to download the videos they like. 


Www urlebird com tik tok website come into play that allows you to download Tiktok videos that to be free of cost. After the government has banned this Chinese social media app people are now finding different ways to use this app. So people have found out the other way to download TikTok videos by using URLEbird com website.

URLEbird easily allows you to download videos that used to be there in the banned Tiktok social media app. There are several other apps similar to TiktTok like Moj App, Zee5 Hip App, etc but people were really crazy for TikTok.

www urlebird com tik tok App to Download Tiktok Videos - Overview






7.1 MB



Package Name




Required Android

9.0 and Plus

URLEbird Features

• After URLEbird application people can easily watch and download TikTok videos that to be without any sort of interruption.
• You are just required to paste the url of the video in the search box that you want to download.
• You can even watch and download the TikTok content without watermark using Apk.
• Video saving option is also there in the app.
• Inside the URLEbird app you can even access any video.
• You can even watch HD videos with full zoom option.
• Users can even chose the auto download option from the settings as per their choice.

Step to download URLEbird App from www urlebird com

You will be able to watch the web version of TikTok in URLEbird App  so if you want to download URLEbird App from www urlebird com then you are required to follow the series of steps as below:
• First and foremost you are required to open the web browser.
• If you have android phone then go to Playstore and search for
• If you want to proceed to the installation process then you are required to press the download button that you might see on the right hand side. URLEbird App is having 4.5 star reviews.
• After app being fully downloaded you can enjoy its functionalities and browse your favorite tiktok videos and download the one that you liked the most. You are not required to provide your login details again and again you are using this app.

How to download TikTok videos from URLEbird App

Here are the steps that you can follow to download your favorite TikTok videos using URLEbird App
  • Firstly you are required to open URLEbird App.
  • Browse all the videos and choose the one that you want to download.
  • Copy the url of that video and paste it on the dialogue box in URLEbird App.
  • Click on download button and your video is ready to watch.

Know More About Urlebird Tiktok App Viewer

Urlebird is an app where you can easily watch and download TikTok videos. Not only check but you can even search for different users profile by using this app. You can search for your favorite TikTok videos by using search option.


There was a great craze of TikTok among the users and they are getting wild for it not only that but people are making great money out of it but after Bann on TikTok app impose by Indian government people started finding similar app like TikTok but won’t to able to get same functionalities as provided by that platform so Urlebird Tiktok App came into existence that allows you to browse and download TikTok videos that to be free of cost.

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