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How To Transfer Money Between a Non-Resident External Account and a Non-Resident Ordinary Account

 If you would like to transfer money, you can transfer funds into a non-resident external account, or you could add money to an ordinary non-resident account. Once you initiate the money transfer, you may examine the status of the transfer, the balance of each account and the speed of the money transfer. You can also provide several documents that may expedite the process, and these documents could verify your income, your identity and the balance of the account.

Transfer Money

Providing Multiple Documents

You can provide a check that will indicate the amount of the money transfer, the sender, the recipient, and the bank's name. You could also submit a document that describes the source of the funds, and once you provide this document, the banks may expedite the money transfer.

Completing Several Forms

You could examine multiple tax forms that contain several types of information. For example, when you complete the tax forms, you may indicate the amount of the money transfer, the date of the transfer, and the recipient's name. You could describe the currency, several types of accounts and the local bank. Additionally, you may also answer multiple questions, and once you complete these forms, the bank could quickly approve the money transfer.

Utilizing Many Tools and Examining Detailed Guidelines

Before you transfer the funds, you could visit the bank's website, and the bank may provide detailed guidelines that describe the money transfers, several types of accounts, the bank's policies and the fees. 

The guidelines could also help you create an account, and you may open an account that will increase the security of each transaction. Moreover, an experienced representative could answer your questions, examine the money transfer status, and describe the forms.

Receiving Several Updates

After you transfer the funds, you can access an online account that will provide multiple types of notifications. You may also examine previous transfers, the account balance, the status of each check and the important documents. 

In addition, the bank can utilize automated tools that could expedite the money transfer. Once the financial institution completes the money transfer, you may receive an email that will confirm the money transfer.

Managing the Money Transfer

The Western Union Company provides money transfer services that could simplify the process, expedite the money transfer, increase the security of each money transfer, and improve customers' experiences. In addition, the business has designed a mobile application to help you manage the money transfers. 

You can evaluate each transaction's status, review the money transfer details, and receive multiple updates. The company also utilizes automated tools that can encrypt the data. These tools could increase the security of the mobile application, protect the accounts and prevent security breaches.

The company has created a program that can provide several types of rewards. For example, if you frequently transfer money, you could receive rewards that will substantially reduce the cost of each transaction. Once you access the online account, you can determine the value of these rewards.

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